010-150 samples(1 to 10) for IT professionals: Oct 2021 Edition

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Q1. Which statements are correct regarding distributions? (Choose two) 

A. Programs can be installed manually and without a packet manager. 

B. Only commercial distributions offer regular security updates. 

C. To start a new distribution a Linux International license is needed. 

D. Distributions restrict the user to its supported program packages. E. Program packages of one distribution can be adapted for another. 

Answer: A, E 

Q2. Which of the following commands can be used to change both the owner AND group settings of a file? 

A. chmod 

B. chage 

C. chuser 

D. chown 

E. chgrp 


Q3. Given a file called birthdays containing lines like: YYYY-MM-DD Name 1983-06-02 Tim 1995-12-17 Sue Which command would you use to output the lines belonging to all people listed whose birthday is in May or June? 

A. grep '[56]' birthdays 

B. grep 05?6? birthdays 

C. grep '[0-9]*-0[56]-' birthdays 

D. grep 06 birthdays | grep 05 


Q4. A Linux computer has no access to the internet. Which command displays information about the network gateway for the system? 

A. traceroute 

B. ifconfig 

C. gateway 

D. route 

E. ipconfig 


Q5. Which of the following is a valid option for a typical command to get its built-in usage information? 

A. -? B. -H C. help 

D. --manual 

E. –help 


Q6. Where is the BIOS located? 


B. hard drive 

C. motherboard 

D. LCD monitor 


Q7. Which of the following is the home folder for the root user? 

A. /user/root 

B. / 

C. /root 

D. /home/root 


Q8. Which of the following commands will output a list of all of the file names, under your home directory and all subdirectories, which have file names ending with .pdf? 

A. search .pdf 

B. ls -name -R '*.pdf' 

C. find /home/*.pdf 

D. find ~ -name '*.pdf' 


Q9. Given a directory with the following information: drwxrwxrwxt 12 tu tg 36864 2012-03-15 /home/directory/ Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two) A. Everybody can create files in the directory. 

B. Files in the directory are created with read, write and execute permissions for everyone. 

C. The directory is broken. 

D. Everybody can delete only his own files. 

E. The directory is a security risk. 

Answer: A, D 

Q10. Which command will display the last line of the file foo.txt? 

A. head -n 1 foo.txt 

B. tail foo.txt 

C. last -n 1 foo.txt 

D. tail -n 1 foo.txt