Dec 2021 updated: Ucertify LPI 010-150 exam prep 21-30

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Q21. Which command line can be used to search help files that mention the word "copy"? 

A. man -k copy 

B. whatis copy 

C. man copy 

D. copy help 

E. copy –help 


Q22. Which of the following is an example of globbing? 

A. ls /etc/ 2> files.txt 

B. ls /etc/ > files.txt 

C. ls /etc/*.txt 

D. ls /etc/ | more 


Q23. Which command shows if /usr/bin is in the current shell search path? 

A. cat PATH 

B. echo $PATH 

C. echo %PATH 

D. cat $PATH 

E. echo %PATH% 



What is the usual absolute path of the personal directory for the user foo? 

Answer: /home/foo, /home/foo/ 

Q25. Which of the following programs is not a graphical web browser? 

A. Konqueror 

B. Firefox 

C. Links D. Opera 

E. Chrome 


Q26. Which command chain will count the number of regular files with the name of foo.txt within /home? 

A. ls -lR /home | grep foo.txt | wc -l 

B. find /home -type f -name foo.txt | wc -l 

C. find /home -name foo.txt -count 

D. find /home -name foo.txt | wc -l 

E. grep -R foo.txt /home | wc -l 


Q27. What is the output of the following command sequence? for token in a b c; do echo -n "$token "; done 

A. anbncn 

B. a b c 

C. "a " "b " "c " 

D. token token token 

E. abc 


Q28. When creating a new file, what can be done to make the file hidden from the default output of the ls command? 

A. Hide the file with a name commented out with a hash sign like #foobar.txt. 

B. Hide the file with a name beginning with a period like .foobar.txt. 

C. Hide the file with chvis +h filename. 

D. Hide the file with chmod a+h filename. 

E. Hide the file with hide filename. 


Q29. What is the command to change the password of a user? 

A. wpasswd 

B. gpasswd 

C. epasswd 

D. passwd 

E. password 


Q30. Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is home? (Choose two) 

A. text=olaf\ is\ home 

B. text=$olaf is home 

C. $text='olaf is home' 

D. text=='olaf is home' 

E. text="olaf is home" 

Answer: A, E