Top 10 practice exam 050-733 for IT specialist (11 to 20)

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Q11. You are viewing the manual page of crontab, but it does not contain the information you are looking for You suspect there is another crontab manual page. Which command could you use to find out if another crontab manual page exists? (Choose two.) 

A. man a crontab 

B. whatis crontab 

C. man -k crontab 

D. man - -next crontab 

E. man - -showall crontab 

Answer: B,C 

Q12. Using hwinfo, how can you probe just for BIOS information? 

A. hwinfo - -bios 

B. hwinfo - -dump bios 

C. hwinfo.bios 

D. hwinfo - -select bios 


Q13. In a terminal window, which command shows you the groups you are a member of? 

A. id 

B. gid 

C. who 

D. whoami 


Q14. Using the rsync command, you want to mirror the directories, including any hidden files and directories within /home (not the /home directory itself) to the /backup directory. 

Which command accomplishes this? 

A. rsync -a /home /backup 

B. rsync -a /home/ /backup 

C. rsync -a /homer /backup 

D. rsync -a /home/? /backup 


Q15. What command lists the registered PolKit actions? 

A. pkaction 

B. polkit-list-tactions 

C. policy-I-a 

D. polkit-agent -I -t=actions 


Q16. What does the following sentence describe? "Multiple file names referencing to the same inode." 

A. Hard Links 

B. Sockets 

C. Pipes 

D. Character devices 

E. Block devices 


Q17. You want to install the gvim RPM package that is available on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation media. Which command installs the gvim package, and resolves dependencies as needed? 

A. rpm -i gvim 

B. yast-igvim 

C. yast-lgvim 

D. rpm-U gvim 


Q18. What command is used to switch the primary group? 

A. newgrp 

B. chgrp 

C. switchgrp 

D. swgrp 

E. chmod 

F. chown 


Q19. What is the command mkinitrd is used for? 

A. Create initramfs 

B. Create kernel modules 

C. Save boot loader 

D. Create system targets 

E. Save master boot record (MBR) 


Q20. What action does the jobs command perform? 

A. Lists all scheduled cron jobs 

B. Lists all mail items in the mail queue 

C. Lists the content of the shell's job control 

D. Lists all print jobs in the print queue