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2021 Apr 101-01 test question

Q61. Which of the following QoS scheduling algorithms does Steelhead appliance use when QoS is enabled?

A. Weighted Random Early Discard

B. Weighted Fair Queuing

C. Hierarchical Fair Service Curve

D. Class Base Weighted Fair Queuing

Answer: C

Q62. Which of the following Steelhead appliance models support redundant power supplies? (Select 2)

A. 250

B. 1221

C. 2012

D. 2050

E. 5050

Answer: DE

Q63. Refer to the exhibit.

Which of the following correctly describes the combination of cable types used in a fail-to-wire scenario for the interconnected devices shown in the exhibit? Assume Auto-MDIX is not enabled on any device.

A. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Crossover

BCable 1: Straight-through, Cable 2: Straight-through

B. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Straight-through

C. Cable 1: Straight-through, Cable 2: Crossover

Answer: C

Q64. What benefit does the Interceptor appliance provide? (Select 3)

A. Load balances connections across Steelhead appliances

B. Provides redundancy in case of Steelhead appliance failure

C. Maintains stateful connection table if a Steelhead appliance fails

D. Allows clustering of multiple Steelhead appliances

Answer: ABD

Q65. In a network where QoS classification and enforcement is being performed by the customer's carrier-managed WAN routers and QoS traffic classification is based on IP address and/or destination TCP port, what WAN visibility mode should be employed for TCP sessions optimized by the Steelhead appliances to maintain interoperability with the existing QoS strategy?

A. Full Transparency

B. Correct Addressing

C. Port Transparency

D. Port Mapping

Answer: A

Avant-garde 101-01 exams:

Q66. Which two parameters are required when configuring a fixed-target rule?

A. The target IP address and subnet mask of the target Steelhead appliance

B. The TCP option number for auto-discovery

C. The target Steelhead appliance and destination port number

D. The source IP address and source port number of the client traffic

Answer: C

Q67. To run RSP which Steelhead appliance ports must to be connected to your network? (Select 2)

A. Primary


C. Inpath0_0

D. Auxiliary


Answer: AD

Q68. A user uploads a Microsoft Word document to a server across the network using the file transfer protocol (FTP). The file has been seen before by the Steelhead appliances that are optimizing the link and so the user experiences warm performance. A second user at the same location downloads the file from the same server using the CIFS protocol. This file transfer can be considered:

A. Cold, the data now travels in another direction so the Steelhead appliances need to relearn the data

B. Cold, the application protocol is now different so the Steelhead appliances need to relearn the data

C. Warm, the data has been seen by the Steelhead appliances before making the application protocol irrelevant

D. Warm, only because the transfer uses CIFS

E. Partially warm, the Steelhead appliances only need to learn the new data 

Answer: C

Q69. You need to purchase a Steelhead appliance model for one of your engineering branch offices.

Below are the requirements that need to be met:

- 200 users with 15 TCP connections each

- 15 Mbps WAN link

- Will be sending across the WAN about 20 GB of new data daily

- A Windows 2003 Server and video streaming Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) will be used

Which of the following models will be the most appropriate for this branch office?

A. Steelhead 2050-M

B. Steelhead 5050-M

C. Steelhead 550-M

D. Steelhead 550-H

E. Steelhead 250-H

Answer: A

Q70. In a single in-path design, in order for CIFS prepopulation to properly function at a branch office, the Primary interface of the Steelhead appliance must be:

A. On the LAN side branch office Steelhead

B. Directly connected to the AUX interface

C. On the same switch as the WAN side interface

D. In the same subnet as the file server

Answer: A