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Q11. Which of the following expansion cards are available for the Steelhead appliance xx50 series? (Select 2)

A. Four-Port Copper Gigabit-Ethernet PCI-E

B. Four-Port SX Fiber Gig-E PCI-X

C. Five-Port Copper Gigabit-Ethernet PCI-E

D. Two-Port SX Fiber Gigabit-Ethernet PCI-E

E. Three-Port SX Fiber Gig-E PCI-X

Answer: AD

Q12. The Steelhead Mobile client software builds an optimized connection to what end device?

A. The nearest SMC

B. A Steelhead appliance

C. A Central Management Console (CMC)

D. The VPN concentrator

E. Another Steelhead Mobile client

Answer: B

Q13. A customer is marking QoS between the Steelhead appliances based on the application (port number) and IP addresses being used. What is the recommended WAN visibility mode?

A. Tunnel mode

B. Port Transparency

C. Full Transparency

D. SSL mode

Answer: C

Q14. What is the total number of optimized concurrent TCP connections supported on an Interceptor appliance?

A. 100,000

B. 200,000

C. 300,000

D. 500,000

E. 1,000,000

Answer: E

Q15. When implementing WCCP, a Steelhead appliance is connected using which Steelhead appliance interface for optimization?

A. lan0_0

B. wan0_0

C. Primary


E. Remote

Answer: B

Q16. The auto-discovery probe uses which TCP option number (in decimal)? (Hint: Use the calculator)

A. 78

B. 76

C. 66

D. Auto-discovery does not use TCP options

Answer: B

Q17. What does the Data Streamlining module in RiOS do?

A. Eliminates redundant bytes from transfers

B. Prioritizes application traffic

C. Reduces transport protocol inefficiencies

D. All of the above

E. None of the above

Answer: A

Q18. Datastore synchronization can be used in which of the following deployments?

A. Serial in-path

B. Logical in-path

C. Server-side out-of-path

D. Parallel in-path

E. All of the above

Answer: E

Q19. What are valid datastore encryption types? (Select 4)

A. No encryption

B. AES_128

C. AES_64

D. AES_256

E. AES_192

Answer: ABDE

Q20. You need to purchase a Steelhead appliance model for one of your engineering branch offices.

Below are the requirements that need to be met:

- 200 users with 15 TCP connections each

- 15 Mbps WAN link

- Will be sending across the WAN about 20 GB of new data daily

- A Windows 2003 Server and video streaming Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) will be used

Which of the following models will be the most appropriate for this branch office?

A. Steelhead 2050-M

B. Steelhead 5050-M

C. Steelhead 550-M

D. Steelhead 550-H

E. Steelhead 250-H

Answer: A