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New LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. Which of the following crontab entries will execute myscript at 30 minutes past every hour on Sundays?

A. 0 * * * 30 myscript

B. 30 * * * 6 myscript

C. 30 0 * * 0 myscript

D. 30 0-23 * * 0 myscript

E. 0 0-23 * * 30 myscript

Answer: D

Q3. Which of the following fields are available in both the global /etc/crontab file as well as in user-specific crontab files? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. Year

B. Minute

C. Username

D. Command

Answer: B,D

Q4. Which of the following commands puts the output of the command date into the shell variable mydate?

A. mydate="$(date)"

B. mydate="exec date"

C. mydate="$((date))"

D. mydate="date"

E. mydate="${date}"

Answer: A

Q5. Which of the following commands shows the current color depth of the X Server?

A. xcd

B. xcdepth

C. xwininfo

D. xcolordepth

E. cat /etc/X11

Answer: C

Q6. CORRECT TEXTWhat word is missing from the following SQL statement?

count(*) from tablename;

(Please specify the missing word using lower-case letters only.)

Answer: select

Q7. Which file inside the CUPS configuration directory contains the definition of the printers?

A. cups-devices.conf

B. snmp.conf

C. printcap.conf

D. printers.conf

E. cupsd.conf

Answer: D

Topic 5, Networking Fundamentals

75.On a regular users workstation the route command takes a long time before printing out the routing table. Which of the following errors does that indicate?

A. The local routing information may be corrupted and must be re-validated using a routing protocol.

B. One of the routers in the routing table is not available which causes the automatic router failure detection mechanism (ARF-D) to wait for a timeout.

C. There may accidentally be more than one default router in which case a default router election has to be done on the network in order to choose one router as the default.

D. DNS resolution may not be working as route by default tries to resolve names of routers and destinations and may run into a timeout.

Q8. Which of the following commands is used to rotate, compress, and mail system logs?

A. rotatelog

B. striplog

C. syslogd --rotate

D. logrotate

E. logger

Answer: D

Q9. CORRECT TEXTAfter adding a new email alias to the configuration, which command must be run in order to ensure the MTA knows about it? (Specify the command without any path but including all required parameters.)

Answer: newaliases, sendmail -bi

Q10. The X11 configuration file xorg.conf is grouped into sections. How is the content of the section SectionName associated with that section?

A. It is placed in curly brackets as in Section SectionName { ... }.

B. It is placed between a line containing Section "SectionName" and a line containing EndSection.

C. It is placed between the tags <Section name="SectionName"> and </Section>

D. It is placed after the row [SectionName].

E. It is placed after an initial unindented Section "SectionName" and must be indented by exactly one tab character.

Answer: B

Q11. What output will the command seq 10 produce?

A. A continuous stream of numbers increasing in increments of 10 until stopped.

B. The numbers 1 through 10 with one number per line.

C. The numbers 0 through 9 with one number per line.

D. The number 10 to standard output.

Answer: B

Topic 2, User Interfaces and Desktops

21. CORRECT TEXTWhat is the default name of the configuration file for the Xorg X11 server? (Specify the file name only without any path.)

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