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Q21. Given this excerpt from an Apache configuration file, which of the numbered lines has INCORRECT syntax? 

1: <VirtualHost *:80>

2:ServerAdmin admin9@server.example.org

3: DocumentRoot /home/http/admin

4: ServerName  admin.server.example.org

5: DirectoryIndex index.php default.php

6: Errorlog logs/admin.server.example.org-error_log

7: Customlog logs/admin.server.example.org-access_log common

8: </VirtualHost>

A. l

B. l and 4

C. l, 4 and 7

D. l and 5

E. None. The configuration is valid


Q22. What is a significant difference between host and zone keys generated by dnssec-keygen?

A. There is no difference.

B. Both zone key files ( .key/.private ) contain a public and private key.

C. Both host keys files ( .key/. private) contain a public and private key.

D. Host Keys must always be generated if DNSSEC is used; zone keys are optional

E. Zone Keys must always be generated if is used; host keys are optional

Answer: B

Q23. Select the TWO correct statements about the following excerpt from httpd.conf:

<Directory /var/web/dirl>

<Files private.html>

Order allow, deny

Deny from all



A. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dirl/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.html,

/var/web/dirl/subdir3/private.html and any other instance of private.html found under the /var/web/dirl/directory.

B. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dirl/private.html, but it will allow access to

/var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.html, for example.

C. The configuration will allow access to any file named private.html under /var/web/dirl, but it will deny access to any other files

D. The configuration will allow access just to the file named private.html under /var/web/dirl

E. The configuration will allow access to /var/web/private.html, if it exists

Answer: A, E 

Q24. When Apache is configured to use name-based virtual hosts:

A. it's also necessary to configure a different IP address for each virtual host.

B. the listen directive is ignored by the server.

C. it starts multiple daemons (one for each virtual host).

D. it's also necessary to create a VirtualHost block for the main host.

E. only the directives ServerName and DocumentRoot may be used inside a block.


Q25. In which directory can all parameters available to sysctl be found? (Provide the full path)

Answer: /proc/sys

Q26. Which of the following is recommended to reduce Squid's consumption of disk resources?

A. Disable the use of access lists.

B. Reduce the size of cache_dir in the configuration file.

C. Rotate log files regularly.

D. Disable logging of fully qualified domain names.

E. Reduce the number of child processes to be started in the configuration file.

Answer: B

Q27. An administrator wants to issue the command echo l >/var/ log/boater.log once all of the scripts in / etc/rc2.d have been executed. What is the best way to accomplish this?

A. Add the command to /etc/rc.local

B. Create a script in ~/.kde/Autostart/ and place the command in it

C. Create a script in /etc/init.d/ and place a link to it in /etc/rc2.d/

D. Create a script in /etc/rc2.d/ and place the command in it

Answer: A

Q28. Postfix daemons can be chroot'd by setting the chroot flag in _____. (Supply only the filename, without a path)

Answer: master.cf 

Q29. Which entry in the .procmailrc file will send a copy of an email to another mail address?

A. :0 c

B. :0 copy

C. :c

D. :copy

E. :s

Answer: A

Q30. Which is a valid Squid option to define a listening port?

A. port = 3l28

B. http-listen-port=3l28

C. http_port 3l28

D. squid_port 3l28