What Does 117-202 test preparation Mean?

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Q31. A security-conscious administrator would change which TWO of the following lines found in an SSH configuration file?

A. Protocol 2, l

B. PermitEmptyPasswords no

C. Port 22

D. PermitRootlogin yes

E. IgnoreRhosts yes

Answer: A, D 

Q32. Journalling doesn't appear to be working on an ext3 file-system. When booting, the following line appears: VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.

What could be causing the problem?

A. An old version of e2fsprogs is installed.

B. The kernel does not contain ext3 support.

C. The file-system is specified as ext2 in/etc/fstab.

D. The system was not shut down cleanly.

Answer: B

Q33. Which command can be used to list all exported file systems from a remote NFS server:

A. exportfs

B. nfsstat

C. rpcinfo

D. showmount

E. importfs


Q34. Which of the following lines in the Apache configuration file would allow only clients with a valid certificate to access the website?

A. SSlCA conf/ca.crt

B. AuthType ssl

C. IfModule libexec/ssl.c

D. SSlRequire

E. SSlVerifyClient require


Q35. What is the standard port number for the unencrypted IMAP service?

A. 25

B. l43

C. 443

D. 993

E. l066


Q36. Considering the following kernel IP routing table now, which of the following commands must be remove the route to the network l0.l0.l.0/24?


Kernel IP routing table

A. routedel l0.l0.l.0

B. routedel l0.l0.l.0/24

C. routedel -net l0.l0.l.0/24

D. routedel l0.l0.l.0/24 gw 192.168.246.ll

E. routedel -net l0.l0.l.0


Q37. Which of the following describes the main purpose of strace?

A. Show the TCP/IP stack data, to help to solve network problems

B. Help to follow the traces of intruders of the internal network

C. Debug programs by displaying the original code of the program. It is a kind of "disassembler"

D. Reverse engineer applications, resulting in the source code of the program

E. Debug programs by monitoring system calls and reporting them

Answer: E

Q38. When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, which of the following sentences is true?

A. It first reads and executes commands in /etc/profile and then does same for ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc

B. It first reads and executes commands in /etc/bashrc and then does same for /etc/profile

C. It reads and executes commands in ~/.bashrc only if /etc/profile or another initialization script calls it.

D. It ignores /etc/profile and only reads and executes commands in ~/.bashrc

E. It first reads and executes commands in /etc/profile and then does same for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login and ~/.profile

Answer: C

Q39. The syntax of the procmail configuration file is?

A. :0[flags][:[lockfile]] [* condition]


B. [* condition]



C. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]

[* condition] action

D. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]:[* condition]


E. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]:[* condition]:action


Q40. An administrator has placed an executable in the directory /etc/init.d, however it is not being executed when the system boots into runlevel 2. What is the most likely cause of this?

A. The script has not been declared in /etc/services

B. runlevel 2 is not declared in /etc/inittab

C. The script has the permissions 700 and is owned by root

D. A corresponding link was not created in /etc/rc2.d