All About 117-202 practice test Jan 2021

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Q41. All machines outside the network are able to send emails through the server to addresses not served by that server. If the server accepts and delivers the email, then it is a(n) _______.

Answer: open email relay

Q42. To securely use dynamic DNS updates, the use of TSIG is recommended. Which TWO statements about TSIG are true?

A. TSIG is used for zone data encryption

B. TSIG is a signal to start a zone update

C. TSIG is used in zone files

D. TSIG is used only in server configuration

E. Servers using TSIG must be in sync (time zone!)

Answer: D, E

Q43. What is the name of the module in Apache that provides the HTTP Basic Authentication functionality? (Please provide ONlY the module name)

Answer: mod_auth 

Q44. A BIND server should never answer queries from certain networks or hosts. Which configuration directive could be used for this purpose?

A. deny-query { ...; };

B. no-answer { ...; };

C. deny-answer { ...; };

D. deny-access { ...; };

E. blackhole { ...; };


Q45. What tool scans log files for unsuccessful login attempts and blocks the offending IP addresses with firewall rules?

A. nessus

B. nmap

C. nc

D. watchlogs

E. fail2ban

Answer: E

Q46. Considering the following excerpt from the httpd.conf file, select the correct answer below:

<location> AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes


A. The Indexes directive in the excerpt allows the use of other index-related directives such as DirectoryIndex

B. Both directives AuthConfig and Indexes found in the server's .htaccess file will be overridden by the same directives found in the httpd.conf file

C. The AuthConfig used in the excerpt allows the use of other authentication-related directives such as AuthType

D. The excerpt is incorrect, as the AllowOverride cannot be used with Indexes, since the latter cannot be overridden

E. The excerpt is incorrect, because AllowOverride cannot be used inside a location section


Q47. Which setting in the Courier IMAP configuration file will tell the IMAP daemon to only listen on the localhost interface?

A. ADDRESS=l27.0.0.l

B. listen l27.0.0.l

C. INTERFACE=l27.0.0.l


Answer: A

Q48. Which of the following is NOT included in a Snort rule header?

A. protocol

B. action

C. source IP address

D. packet byte offset

E. source port


Q49. Performing a DNS lookup with dig results in this

What might be wrong in the zone definition?


A. Nothing. All seems to be good.

B. There's no "." after in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file.

C. There's no "." after linuserv in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file.

D. There's no "." after in the PTR record in the reverse lookup zone file.

E. The "." in the NS definition in reverse lookup zone has to be removed.

Answer: D

Q50. What is the purpose of a PTR record?

A. To provide name to IP resolution.

B. To provide IP to name resolution.

C. To direct email to a specific host.

D. To provide additional host information.

E. To direct clients to another nameserver.

Answer: B