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Q141. - (Topic 6) 

You find that your open server SecurePlatform system is lagging although you know you have plenty of memory and the complexity of the Rule Base has not changed significantly. You think that upgrading the CPU frequency speed could help your performance. Which command could help you see what speed and model of CPU you are using? 

A. top 

B. sysconfig 

C. cat /proc/cpuinfo 

D. fw tab 


Q142. - (Topic 3) 

Your customer reports that the time on the standby cluster member is not correct..After failing over and making it active, the time is now correct..NTP has been configured on both machines, so it is expected that both machines be in sync with the NTP server..Upon investigating, it was found that the standby member was never able to communicate with the NTP server while it was in standby configuration..What could be the problem? 

A. You should be syncing your backup to the primary for time settings. 

B. NTP is not supported in active-passive mode. 

C. Traffic from the standby member was hidden behind the cluster IP address and was therefore returning to the active member. 

D. Routing prevents the standby member from performing functions such as peering with dynamic routing and obtaining NTP updates. 


Q143. - (Topic 5) 

When running a SecureXL debug how do you initialize the debug buffer to 32000? 

A. fwaccel debug –buf 32000 

B. fw ctl debug –buf 32000 

C. sim debug –buf 32000 

D. fwaccel dbg –buf 32000 


Q144. - (Topic 10) 

True or False: It is possible to operate a Security Gateway entirely with IPv6 addressing. 

A. True: All IPv4 features are supported in IPv6’ 

B. True: Management can occur over IPv4 or IPv6 thus all gateways can have interfaces configured with valid IP addresses of either type’ 

C. False: There are many common IPv4 features that are not supported in IPv6’ 

D. False: Management only occurs over IPv4 thus all gateways are required to have interfaces configured with valid IPv4 addresses’ 


Q145. - (Topic 11) 

Where would an administrator set an email alert for a specific permanent VPN tunnel? 

A. Edit the file vpnconf. 

B. Run sysconfig. 

C. In the Tunnel Properties select Mail Alert. 

D. You can only enable logging or SNMP traps. 



C11O2 - Advanced VPN 

Q146. - (Topic 3) 

Your customer has an R77 Multi-domain Management Server managing a mix of firewalls of R70 and R77 versions..A change was made to the file $FWDIR/lib/tables.def on one of the domains..However, it was found that the change was not applied to the R70 firewalls..What could be the problem? 

A. Changes to the table.def can only be applied to firewalls matching the Management Server version..The customer needs to upgrade the firewalls to the same version as the firewall. 

B. R70 is end of life and is not supported..Most functions will work, but modifying the table.def will not. 

C. In order to make changes on R70 machines you need work within GuiDBedit 

D. To support R70, the file in the compatibility directory should have been modified. 


Q147. - (Topic 3) 

What would be a reason to use the command cphaosu stat? 

A. To determine the number of connections from OPSEC software using Open Source Licenses. 

B. To decide when to fail over traffic to a new cluster member. 

C. This is not a valid command. 

D. To see the policy install dates on each of the members in the cluster. 


Q148. - (Topic 6) 

You are finding that some users are complaining about slow connection speed. You would like to review a summary of your connections, including which connections are accelerated and those that are not. What command could you use? 

A. fw ctl pstat 

B. fwaccel perf 

C. fw tab -t connections -s 

D. fwaccel stats -s 


Q149. - (Topic 1) 

When finished running a debug on the Management Server using the command fw debug fwm on how do you turn this debug off? 

A. fwm debug off 

B. fw ctl debug off 

C. fw debug off 

D. fw debug fwm off 


Q150. - (Topic 2) 

Which flag in the fw monitor command is used to print the position of the kernel chain? 

A. -all 

B. -k 

C. -c 

D. -p 


40. - (Topic 2) 

While troubleshooting a DHCP relay issue, you run a fw ctl zdebug drop and see the following output: 

;[cpu_1];[fw_0];fw_log_drop: Packet proto=17 > dropped by fw_handle_first_packet Reason: fwconn_init_links (INBOUND) failed; 

Where is the IP address of the DHCP server and is the VIP of the Cluster. What is the most likely cause of this drop? 

A. An inbound collision due to a connections table check on pre-existing connections. 

B. An outbound collision due to a Rule Base check, and dropped by incorrectly configuring DHCP in the firewall policy. 

C. A link collision due to more than one NAT symbolic link being created for outgoing connections to the DHCP server. 

D. A link collision due to more than one NAT symbolic link being created for connections returning from the DHCP server back to the VIP of the Cluster.