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Q151. - (Topic 1) 

For URL Filtering in the Cloud in R75 and above, what table is used to contain the URL Filtering cache values? 

A. urlf_blade_on_gw 

B. urlf_cache_tbl 

C. urlf_cache_table 

D. url_scheme_tab 


Q152. - (Topic 6) 

You are running an inventory process within your corporate environment (R77) and need to find out CPU, memory, disk space, and information regarding the software blades enabled. What command could you use to easily gather this information? 

A. cpconfig 

B. fw ctl pstat 

C. SmartView Tracker 

D. cpview 


Q153. - (Topic 11) 

You are using an IPV6 environment and find that you need additional access control and want to set up some directional VPN rules. How can you restrict access based on destination? 

A. This can only be done in Traditional Mode VPN. 

B. Directional VPN enforcement feature is not supported for IPv6. 

C. Enable Global Properties > Advanced > IPv6 for directional VPN enforcement. 

D. Set your rule match to “All_gwtogw” and create a new rule. 


Q154. - (Topic 11) 

You have to establish a VPN communication between 2 spokes, routed through the Hub gateway. Where do you configure VPN routing? 

A. Security Gateway Object 

B. WebUI 

C. vpn_route.conf 

D. VPN shell 


Q155. - (Topic 10) 

What is the length of an IPv6 address? 

A. 128 Bytes 

B. 54 bits 

C. 128 bits 

D. 6 Bytes 


Q156. - (Topic 11) 

Why would you choose to combine dynamic routing protocols and VPNs? 

A. All options listed. 

B. In the case of one tunnel failure, other tunnels may be used to route the traffic. 

C. Dynamic-routing information can propagate over the VPN, utilizing the VPN as just another point-to-point link in the network. 

D. The VPN device can be automatically updated with network changes on any VPN peer Gateway without the need to update the VPN Domain's configuration. 


Q157. - (Topic 2) 

Where in a fw monitor output would you see destination address translation occur in cases of inbound automatic static NAT? 

A. Static NAT does not adjust the destination IP 

B. Between the “i” and “I” 

C. Between the “I” and “o” 

D. Between the “o” and “O” 


Q158. - (Topic 11) 

How does the “Directional Enforcement” rule manage subsequent packet inspection? 

A. “Directional Enforcement” is only applied to the first packet of the connection, including packets in the opposite direction. 

B. “Directional Enforcement” is applied to all packets in the connection. 

C. “Directional Enforcement” applies only to the first packet of the connection, but does not include the packets in the opposite direction. 

D. “Directional Enforcement” is considered trusted traffic and therefore is not inspected. 


Q159. - (Topic 3) 

Extended Cluster Anti-Spoofing checks what value to determine if a packet with the source IP of a gateway in the cluster is being spoofed? 

A. The source IP of the packet. 

B. The packet has a TTL value of less than 255. 

C. The source MAC address of the packet. 

D. The destination IP of the packet. 


Q160. - (Topic 6) 

You have a user-defined SMTP trap configured to send an alert to your mail server, and you also have SmartView Monitor configured to trigger the alert whenever policy is pushed to your gateway. However, you are not getting any mails even when you test for pushing policy. What process should you troubleshoot on the Management Server? 

A. fwd 

B. fwm 

C. cpwd_admin 

D. cpstat_monitor