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Q261. - (Topic 1) 

When using migrate to upgrade a Secure Management Server, which of the following is included in the migration? 

A. Smart Eventdatabase 

B. Smart Reporterdatabase 

C. classes.C file 

D. System interface configuration 


Q262. - (Topic 5) 

Damon enables an SMTP resource for content protection. He notices that mail seems to slow down on occasion, sometimes being delivered late. Which of the following might improve throughput performance? 

A. Configuring the SMTP resource to bypass the CVP resource 

B. Increasing the Maximum number of mail messages in the Gateway's spool directory 

C. Configuring the Content Vector Protocol (CVP) resource to forward the mail to the internal SMTP server, without waiting for a response from the Security Gateway 

D. Configuring the CVP resource to return the mail to the Gateway 

E. Configuring the SMTP resource to only allow mail with Damon's company's domain name in the header 


Q263. - (Topic 7) 

What is the benefit to running SmartEvent in Learning Mode? 

A. To run SmartEvent, with a step-by-step online configuration guide for training/setup purposes 

B. There is no SmartEvent Learning Mode 

C. To run SmartEvent with preloaded sample data in a test environment 

D. To generate a report with system Event Policy modification suggestions 


Q264. - (Topic 2) 

You want to verify that your Check Point cluster is working correctly. Which command line tool can you use? 

A. cphastart -status 

B. cphainfo -s 

C. cphaprob state 

D. cphaconf state 


Q265. - (Topic 1) 

A snapshot delivers a complete backup ofSecure Platform. The resulting file can be stored on servers or as a local file in /var/CPsnapshot/snapshots. How do you restore a local snapshot named MySnapshot.tgz? 

A. As Expert user, type command snapshot - R to restore from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name. 

B. As Expert user, type command revert --file MySnapshot.tgz. 

C. As Expert user, type command snapshot -r MySnapshot.tgz. 

D. Reboot the system and call the start menu. Select option Snapshot Management, provide the Expert password and select [L] for a restore from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name. 


Q266. - (Topic 8) 

Which statement is TRUE for route-based VPN’s? 

A. IP Pool NAT must be configured on each Gateway. 

B. Dynamic-routing protocols are not required. 

C. Route-based VPN’s are a form of partial overlap VPN Domain. 

D. Route-based VPN’s replace domain-based VPN’s. 


Q267. - (Topic 5) 

How do you control the maximum mail messages in a spool directory? 

A. In the Security Server window in Global Properties 

B. In SmartDefense SMTP settings 

C. In the smtp.conf file on the SmartCenter Server 

D. In the gateway object's SMTP settings in the Advanced window 

E. In the SMTP resource object 


Q268. - (Topic 1) 

The process ________________ compiles $FWDIR/conf/*.W files into machine language. 

A. fw gen 

B. cpd 

C. fwd 

D. fwm 


Q269. - (Topic 5) 

VPN traffic control would fall under which VPN component? 

A. Performance 

B. Management 

C. Security 

D. QoS 


Q270. - (Topic 6) 

You are a SSL VPN Administrator. Your users complain that their Outlook Web Access is running extremely slowly, and their overall browsing experience continues to worsen. You suspect it could be a logging problem. Which of the following log files does Check Point recommend you purge? 

A. httpd*.log 

B. event_ws.log 

C. mod_ws_owd.log 

D. alert_owd.log