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Q21. Application Control is centrally managed. What Application Control component allows you to view user online behavior? 

A. Event View 

B. Security Manager 

C. SmartTracker 

D. AppWiki 


Q22. A user complains that he cannot access the Internet. You check the logs and find that he is not authenticated. Next, you check the firewall to see if the user is a known identity. What command would you use? 

A. Pep show all 

B. pep monitor all 

C. pdp show all 

D. pdp monitor all 


Q23. Which of the following actions applies to a Risk Level of 5 – Critical? 

A. Can bypass security or hide identities 

B. Potentially not business related 

C. Can be misused and cause data leakage or malware infection 

D. Can cause data leakage or malware infection without user knowledge 


Q24. You add a new rule to your Application and & URL filtering Rule Base. When you right- click on the action field, which action is not an option? 

A. Allow 

B. Drop 

C. Ask 

D. Inform 


Q25. An Administrator would like to control access to malware and phishing websites. Which Check Point blades would be needed to address these requirements? 

A. ThreatCloud 

B. URL Filtering 

C. Application Control 



Q26. After you enable Application Control, where can you see application-related logs? In: 

A. SmartEvent. 

B. SmartView Tracker and SmartLog. 

C. SmartEvent, SmartView Tracker, and SmartLog. 

D. SmartView Tracker. 


Q27. Which is the default action for a rule in the Application and URL Filtering Policy? 

A. Drop 

B. Reject 

C. Allow 

D. Block 


Q28. Who is best able to provide the justification for allowing access to some higher risk applications? 

A. The Help Desk 

B. The Security Administrator 

C. The User 

D. The Group Manager 


Q29. What is the correct order  that a log flows  in order to be processed by SmartEvent components? 

A. Firewall > SmartEvent server database > correlation unit > logserver > SmartEvent client 

B. Firewall > correlation unit > logserver > SmartEvent server database > SmartEvent client 

C. Firewall > logserver > correlation unit > SmartEvent server database > SmartEvent client 

D. Firewall > logserver > SmartEvent server database > correlation unit > SmartEvent client 


Q30. True or false, SmartEvent  and SmartReporter can be installed  together on the  same machine. 

A. False, they are competing products and are incompatible. 

B. False, SmartReporter has been replaced by SmartEvent. 

C. True, but you must disable the SmartEvent reporting component. 

D. True, SmartReporter provides reporting services for SmartEvent.