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Q11. Which parameters may be defined in an Access Role? 

A. Networks, Users, Machines 

B. Networks, Targets, Users 

C. Users, Applications, Machines 

D. Networks, Users, Time Objects 


Q12. As the Administrator for your organization, you have been tasked to integrate the Secure Web Gateway with your user database running on your Microsoft AD server. What Check Point components would you need to enable to accomplish your task? 

A. From SmartDashboard Launch Menu > Policy > Global Properties > User Directory > select Use User Directory. For Security Gateways (license required) 

B. Select Use Smart Directory. For Security Gateways (license required) 

C. From SmartDashboard Launch Menu > Policy > Global Properties > User Directory 

D. From SmartDashboard Launch Menu > Policy > Global Properties > Smart Directory > select Use User Directory. For Security Gateways (license required) 


Q13. When the Application Control Blade discovers an application, it will provide information on that application's simple properties. Which is an example of a simple property? 

A. No Standard Uninstaller 

B. Targets Children 

C. Uses stealth techniques 

D. Auto Start 


Q14. For troubleshooting purposes, Shira needs to check the currently identified users on the gateway. Which CLI command shows all users/machines and all the activity records associated with them? 

A. pep monitor -a 

B. pdp monitor all 

C. fw monitor pdp all 

D. pdp control monitor all 


Q15. Mafiawars is a game that can be accessed from the Facebook Website. Although the firewall administrator has set up a rule to block Facebook games, Bob is able to access Mafiawars from the internal network. Why? 

A. The URL is facebook.mafiawars.com and can still be accessed. 

B. There is a less restrictive rule on top of the other rule. 

C. The administrator should block the Games category anyway. D. The URL was not configured as a RegEx (regular expression). 


Q16. In setting up your first Application Control Policy for discovery, what is the BEST Rule Action to choose? 

A. Inform 

B. Alert 

C. Block 

D. Allow 


Q17. If you wanted to chart all Application Control and URL Filtering traffic by the number of events, what tool would you use? 

A. SmartEvent 

B. SmartView Tracker 

C. SmartView Monitor 

D. SmartReporter 


Q18. As an Administrator, you must enforce IP spoofing protection on your endpoints. What Identity Awareness solution allows packet tagging? 

A. Active Directory query 

B. Identity Agent - light 

C. Terminal Server – Identity Agent 

D. Identity Agent - full 


Q19. Consider the setting: "Local Network Widgets detection will consult with the Check Point Online Web Service." Which of these statements concerning this setting is TRUE? 

A. It must be selected during setup, to be active 

B. If it is cleared, any unknown widget will be treated as Web Browsing traffic 

C. If the web service is offline, the related traffic will be held until it can be confirmed safe 

D. It must be configured from the command line interface in Expert Mode 


Q20. To update both the Management  Server and the  Security Gateways with the latest Application Control data and applications, you must: 

A. Manually update the  Security Gateway, which will push  the update  out to the Management Server automatically. 

B. Manually update the Management Server, and run a scheduled update on the Security Gateway. 

C. Manually update the Management Server, then manually update the Security Gateway. 

D. Manually update the Management  Server, which will push the update out to the Security Gateway automatically.