What Does 156-726.77 practice Mean?

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Q31. Which of these statements describes the Check Point Application Control software blade? 

A. Prevents vulnerability exploits 

B. Blocks or limits usage of web applications 

C. A worldwide collaborative security network 

D. Controls access to web sites based on category 


Q32. When analyzing Application Control data with SmartEvent, using the predefined queries, 

how are the events grouped? In order of: 

A. date/time 

B. rule applied 

C. risk 

D. number of megabytes used 


Q33. UserCheck is a way to improve security in the company and to raise the Awareness of the users. Which interaction modes can a firewall administrator choose when configuring UserCheck for a given rule? 

A. Block, Ask, Once a day 

B. Block, Revoke, Ask 

C. Block, Ask, Inform 

D. UserCheck is a predefined action and cannot be modified further 


Q34. Which of these statements describes the Check Point IPS software blade? 

A. A worldwide collaborative security network 

B. Prevents vulnerability exploits 

C. Controls access to web sites based on category 

D. Blocks or limits usage of web applications 


Q35. What are the possible options to  configure  the Identity  Sources (user  identification methods with Identity Awareness)? 

A. Identity Agents only 

B. Browser-Based Authentication, Active  Directory  Query, Identity Agents, Terminal Servers (Users have same source IP), RADIUS Accounting C. Browser-Based Authentication, Active Directory Query,Terminal Servers (Users have same source IP) 

D. Active Directory Query, Identity Agents, Captive Portal 


Q36. A newly created Account Unit does not work as expected. What should you check first? 

A. The Bind User password is incorrect 

B. The firewall is blocking traffic 

C. The profile in the general properties of the account unit is wrong 

D. Under Global Properties > User Directory, check “use User Directory” 


Q37. During the Application Control Discovery process, what is the best source of information for decisions on blocking or not blocking an application? 

A. The Help Desk 

B. The Group Manager 

C. The User 

D. The Security Administrator 


Q38. Which explanation of an Account Unit is INCORRECT? 

A. An Account Unit is the interface which allows interaction between the Secure Web Gateway and the LDAP servers. 

B. Each Account Unit represents one or more branches of the data maintained on the LDAP server. 

C. When a query about a user is sent to the Gateway, it chooses one of the LDAP servers defined on the Account Unit according to their priorities. 

D. An Account Unit is a 3rd party product that stores an external user Database. 


Q39. You want to view application traffic logs in real-time. Which tool would be BEST to use? 

A. SmartEvent Intro 

B. SmartView Monitor 

C. SmartView Tracker 

D. SmartEvent