Jan 2021 updated: Exambible Check Point 156-727.77 rapidshare 1-10

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Q1. Which TCP ports allow LDAP users to communicate with the Account Unit? 

A. 689 clear, or 336 encrypted 

B. 636 clear, or 389 encrypted 

C. 336 clear, or 689 encrypted 

D. 389 clear, or 636 encrypted 


Q2. SmartEvent > Events > Predefined: in which section can the “All Threat Emulation” setting be found? 

A. Application & URL Filtering 

B. Threat Prevention 

C. All Events 

D. Threat Analysis 


Q3. Which of the following is information shared via ThreatCloud? 

A. Compromised Machine IP Addresses 

B. Anticipated Attack Methods C. Sensitive Corporate Data 

D. Address of command and control servers 


Q4. When pushing the Threat Prevention policy, which of the following blades will NOT get updated? 


B. Threat Emulation 

C. Anti-Bot 

D. Anti-Virus 


Q5. You just enabled the IPS blade, and have downloaded the latest signature updates. You created a custom profile but you are concerned that if you push a policy it might start dropping existing connections. What should you do? 

A. Use the recommend Protection profile instead 

B. Edit your custom profile and select Detect-only for Troubleshooting mode 

C. Edit your custom profile and enable Bypass under load 

D. Use the Default protection profile instead 


Q6. Check Point Signature teams are constantly monitoring the threat space. 

A. True, twenty four hours a day, everyday 

B. True, except for major holidays 

C. True, from Sunday through Thursday 

D. False 


Q7. IPS is primarily a -based engine. 

A. Signature 

B. Difference 

C. Action 

D. Anomaly 


Q8. Which of these statements describes the Check Point ThreatCloud? 

A. A worldwide collaborative security network 

B. Prevents vulnerability exploits 

C. Controls access to web sites based on category 

D. Blocks or limits usage of web applications 


Q9. Can the Anti-Bot software blade be enabled on a Secure Web Gateway as well? 

A. Yes, this is an optional blade for the Secure Web Gateway. 

B. No, Anti-Bot needs to be part of the Threat Prevention Appliance. 

C. Yes, it can be enabled if IPS is enabled as well. 

D. Yes, Anti-Bot is always enabled together with Identity Awareness. 


Q10. SmartLog displays: 

A. Information about known threats and provides steps for remediation 

B. Events in chart format, with detailed data about threats 

C. Real time data, to help identify ongoing threats 

D. Historic data that can be used for research purposes