156-915.80 bible(2 to 11) for IT learners: Jun 2021 Edition

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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Question No: 2

What happens if the identity of a user is known?

A. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays the Captive Portal.

B. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays a sandbox.

C. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the traffic is automatically dropped.

D. If the user credentials match an Access Role, the rule is applied and traffic is accepted or dropped based on the defined action.

Answer: D

Question No: 3

When Dynamic Dispatcher is enabled, connections are assigned dynamically with the exception of

A. Threat Emulation



D. VolP

Answer: D


The following types of traffic are not load-balanced by the CoreXL Dynamic Dispatcher (this traffic will always be handled by the same CoreXL FW instance):

VoIP VPN encrypted packets

Question No: 4

To run GAiA in 64bit mode, which of the following is true?

1) Run set edition default 64-bit.

2) Install more than 4 GB RAM.

3) Install more than 4 TB of Hard Disk.

A. 1 and 3

B. 1 and 2

C. 2 and 3

D. 1, 2, and 3

Answer: B

Question No: 5

When deploying multiple clustered firewalls on the same subnet, what does the firewall administrator need to configure to prevent CCP broadcasts being sent to the wrong cluster?

A. Set the fwha_mac_magic_forward parameter in the $CPDIR/boot/modules/ha_boot. conf

B. Set the fwha_mac_magic parameter in the $FWDIR/boot/fwkern.conf file

C. Set the cluster global ID using the command u201ccphaconf cluster_id set <value>u201d

D. Set the cluster global ID using the command u201cfw ctt set cluster_id <value>u201d

Answer: C

Question No: 6

Which of the following items should be configured for the Security Management Server to authenticate using LDAP?

A. Check Point Password

B. WMI object

C. Domain Admin username

D. Windows logon password

Answer: A

Question No: 7

MegaCorp is running Smartcenter R70, some Gateways at R65 and some other Gateways with R60. Management wants to upgrade to the most comprehensive IPv6 support. What should the administrator do first?

A. Upgrade Smartcenter to R80 first.

B. Upgrade R60-Gateways to R65.

C. Upgrade every unit directly to R80.

D. Check the ReleaseNotes to verify that every step is supported.

Answer: D

Question No: 8

Fill in the blank. To verify SecureXL statistics, you would use the command .


fwaccel stats

Question No: 9

Write the full fw command and syntax that you would use to troubleshoot ClusterXL sync issues. fw tab Answer:

-s -t connections

Question No: 10

Your main internal network allows all traffic to the Internet using Hide NAT. You also have a small network behind the internal router. You want to configure the kernel to translate the source address only when network tries to access the Internet for HTTP, SMTP, and FTP services. Which of the following configurations will allow this network to access the Internet?

A. Configure three Manual Static NAT rules for network, one for each service.

B. Configure Automatic Static NAT on network

C. Configure one Manual Hide NAT rule for HTTP, FTP, and SMTP services for network

D. Configure Automatic Hide NAT on network and then edit the Service column in the NAT Rule Base on the automatic rule.

Answer: C

Question No: 11

Fill in the blank. The user wants to replace a failed Windows-based firewall with a new server running GAiA.

For the most complete restore of an GAiA configuration, he or she will use the command



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