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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q3. Your customer, Mr. Smith needs access to other networks and should be able to use all services. Session authentication is not suitable. You select Client Authentication with HTTP. The standard authentication port for client HTTP authentication (Port 900) is already in use. You want to use Port 9001 but are having connectivity problems. Why are you having problems?

A. The configuration file $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf is incorrect.

B. The Security Policy is not correct.

C. You can't use any port other than the standard port 900 for Client Authentication via HTTP.

D. The service FW_clntauth_http configuration is incorrect.

Answer: A

Q4. Charles requests a Website while using a computer not in the net_singapore network.

What is TRUE about his location restriction?

A. Source setting in Source column always takes precedence.

B. Source setting in User Properties always takes precedence.

C. As location restrictions add up, he would be allowed from net_singapore and net_sydney.

D. It depends on how the User Auth object is configured; whether User Properties or Source Restriction takes precedence.

Answer: D

Q5. Which of the following commands can provide the most complete restoration of a R80 configuration?

A. upgrade_import

B. cpinfo -recover

C. cpconfig

D. fwm dbimport -p <export file>

Answer: A

Q6. Using mgmt_cli, what is the correct syntax to import a host object called Server_1 from the CLI?

A. mgmt_cli add-host u201cServer_1u201d ip_ address u201c10.15.123.10u201d u2013 format txt

B. mgmt_ cli add host name u201cServer_ 1u201d ip-address u201c10.15.123.10u201d u2013 format json

C. mgmt_ cli add object-host u201cServer_ 1u201d ip-address u201c10.15.123.10u201d u2013 format json

D. mgmt_cli add object u201cServer_ 1u201d ip-address u201c10.15.123.10u201d u2013 format json

Answer: B

Explanation: Example:

mgmt_cli add host name "New Host 1" ip-address "" --format json

u2022 "--format json" is optional. By default the output is presented in plain text.

Q7. If you need strong protection for the encryption of user data, what option would be the BEST choice?

A. Use Diffie-Hellman for key construction and pre-shared keys for Quick Mode. Choose SHA in Quick Mode and encrypt with AES. Use AH protocol. Switch to Aggressive Mode.

B. When you need strong encryption, IPsec is not the best choice. SSL VPNu2021s are a better choice.

C. Use certificates for Phase 1, SHA for all hashes, AES for all encryption and PFS, and use ESP protocol.

D. Disable Diffie-Hellman by using stronger certificate based key-derivation. Use AES-256 bit on all encrypted channels and add PFS to QuickMode. Use double encryption by implementing AH and ESP as protocols.

Answer: C

Q8. Which command line interface utility allows the administrator to verify the Security Policy name and timestamp currently installed on a firewall module?

A. cpstat fwd

B. fw ver

C. fw stat

D. fw ctl pstat

Answer: C

Q9. MegaCorps' disaster recovery plan is past due for an update to the backup and restore section to enjoy the benefits of the new distributed R80 installation. You must propose a plan that meets the following required and desired objectives:

Required: Security Policy repository must be backed up no less frequently than every 24 hours. Desired: Back up R80 components enforcing the Security Policies at least once a week. Desired: Back up R80 logs at least once a week.

You develop a disaster recovery plan proposing the following:

* Use the utility cron to run the command upgrade_export each night on the Security Management Servers.

* Configure the organization's routine backup software to back up files created by the command upgrade_export.

* Configure GAiA back up utility to back up Security Gateways every Saturday night.

* Use the utility cron to run the command upgrade_export each Saturday night on the log servers.

* Configure an automatic, nightly logswitch.

* Configure the organization's routine back up software to back up the switched logs every night. The corporate IT change review committee decides your plan:

A. meets the required objective and only one desired objective.

B. meets the required objective and both desired objectives.

C. meets the rquired objective but does not meet either deisred objective.

D. does not meet the required objective.

Answer: B

Q10. Where is it necessary to configure historical records in SmartView Monitor to generate Express reports in SmartReporter?

A. In SmartDashboard, the SmartView Monitor page in the R80 Security Gateway object

B. In SmartReporter, under Express > Network Activity

C. In SmartReporter, under Standard > Custom

D. In SmartView Monitor, under Global Properties > Log and Masters

Answer: A

Q11. Fill in the blank. You can set Acceleration to ON or OFF using command syntax .


fwaccel off/on

Q12. Match the following commands to their correct function.

Each command has one function only listed.

A. C1>F6; C2>F4; C3>F2; C4>F5

B. C1>F2; C2>F1; C3>F6; C4>F4

C. C1>F2; C2>F4; C3>F1; C4>F5

D. C1>F4; C2>F6; C3>F3; C4>F2

Answer: A

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