[Approved] 156-915.80 Check Point latest exam 8-17 (Aug 2021)

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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

Q8. A snapshot delivers a complete GAiA backup. The resulting file can be stored on servers or as a local file in /var/CPsnapshot/snapshots. How do you restore a local snapshot named MySnapshot.tgz?

A. Reboot the system and call the start menu. Select the option Snapshot Management, provide the Expert password and select [L] for a restore from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name.

B. As expert user, type the command snapshot -r MySnapshot.tgz.

C. As expert user, type the command revert --file MySnapshot.tgz.

D. As expert user, type the command snapshot - R to restore from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name.

Answer: C

Q9. You want to establish a VPN, using certificates. Your VPN will exchange certificates with an external partner. Which of the following activities should you do first?

A. Exchange exported CA keys and use them to create a new server object to represent your partneru2021s Certificate Authority (CA).

B. Create a new logical-server object to represent your partneru2021s CA.

C. Manually import your partneru2021s Access Control List.

D. Manually import your partneru2021s Certificate Revocation List.

Answer: A

Q10. All R80 Security Servers can perform authentication with the exception of one. Which of the Security Servers can NOT perform authentication?





Answer: B

Q11. What is the officially accepted diagnostic tool for IP Appliance Support?

A. ipsoinfo


C. uag-diag

D. cpinfo

Answer: B

Q12. Which of the following authentication methods can be configured in the Identity Awareness setup wizard?

A. Check Point Password



D. Windows password

Answer: C

Q13. Which two processes are responsible on handling Identity Awareness?

A. pdp and lad

B. pdp and pdp-11

C. pep and lad

D. pdp and pep

Answer: D

Q14. You cannot use SmartDashboardu2021s User Directory features to connect to the LDAP server. What should you investigate?

1) Verify you have read-only permissions as administrator for the operating system.

2) Verify there are no restrictions blocking SmartDashboard's User Manager from connecting to the LDAP server.

3) Check that the login Distinguished Name configured has root permission (or at least write permission Administrative access) in the LDAP Server's access control configuration.

A. 1, 2, and 3

B. 2 and 3

C. 1 and 2

D. 1 and 3

Answer: B

Q15. When defining QoS global properties, which option below is not valid?

A. Weight

B. Authenticated timeout

C. Schedule

D. Rate

Answer: C

Q16. The Identity Agent is a lightweight endpoint agent that authenticates securely with Single Sign-On (SSO). What is not a recommended usage of this method?

A. When accuracy in detecting identity is crucial

B. Leveraging identity for Data Center protection

C. Protecting highly sensitive servers

D. Identity based enforcement for non-AD users (non-Windows and guest users)

Answer: D

Q17. In the following cluster configuration; if you reboot sglondon_1 which device will be active when sglondon_1 is back up and running? Why?

A. sglondon_1 because it the first configured object with the lowest IP.

B. sglondon_2 because sglondon_1 has highest IP.

C. sglondon_1, because it is up again, sglondon_2 took over during reboot.

D. sglondon_2 because it has highest priority.

Answer: D

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