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Q101. Which HTTP_EQUIV attribute value controls the page cache to the browser folder?


C. The site is currently not functioning

D. The personalized page has been redirected

Answer: A

Q106. Which of the following should the web site developer use to test a site for usability?

A. One or two people

B. Other design team members

C. Other developers

D. People with little or no exposure to the site or even the Internet

Answer: D

Q107. Which HTML attribute should you include in your Web pages so that users who have disabled the image-viewing capability on their browsers can still use your site?





Answer: C

Q108. You are developing your company's Web site. To achieve maximum site usability, you plan to conduct some usability tests before the site goes live. Which step should you include in your Web usability testing?

A. Conduct your usability test early in the development process so you can begin working out bugs immediately.

B. Use other members of your site design team to conduct tests so your feedback will be technical and relevant.

C. Give each participant a list of actual tasks and operations but no indication of how to perform them.

D. Be available during the testing process to answer any questions that your testing participants may have.

Answer: D

Q109. In graphics programs, what does a ratio of 1:2 usually mean?

A. The graphic is being displayed at twice the size of the original

B. The graphic has one-half the colors of the original

C. Each pixel is represented by two pixels

D. The graphic is being displayed at one-half original size

Answer: D

Q110. Alex changes every instance of the text-decoration underline style in his Web site to text-decoration: none. How will this affect his site?

A. It will yield search engine hits

B. It will remove each instance of text

C. It will remove the underline from designated elements

D. It will increase the height of banners, thus increasing advertising income

Answer: C