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Exam Code: 1D0-520 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CIW v5 Site Designer
Certification Provider: CIW
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Q51. Which HTML tag uses the correct syntax to create a frame?

A. <FRAME SRC="home.htm" ID="main">

B. <FRAME FILE="home.htm" NAME="main">

C. <FRAMES SRC=home.htm NAME=main>

D. <FRAME SRC="home.htm" NAME="main">

Answer: D

Q52. You are using a style sheet. Which of the following examples of code are best suited for cross-platform design?

A. font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

B. font-family: bold, italics;

C. font-family=monotype, courier

D. font-family: Impact, Verdana, Geneva;

Answer: A

Q53. Which of the following file types does not require a plug-in to be installed in the browser?





Answer: A

Q54. Alma has been asked to upgrade the pages on her Web site to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Which of the following tags must she alter on each page?

A. The <span> tag

B. The <!DOCTYPE> tag

C. The <head> tag

D. The <meta> tag

Answer: B

Q55. Curtis is creating a new Web site for his company. Which of the following should drive all other development concerns for the company's site?

A. The site should support one aspect of the company's goals.

B. The site should replicate the company's product brochure.

C. The site should support the vision of the company.

D. The site should expand the vision of the company into new areas.

Answer: C

Q56. What is one major advantage that a table-structured site has over a frames-structured site?

A. Ease of bookmarking

B. Speed

C. Constant accessibility of left-margin navigator elements

D. Low cost

Answer: A

Q57. The best way to thwart a dictionary attack is by enforcing a:

A. restricted access policy.

B. proxy server policy.

C. firewall configuration policy.

D. strong password policy.

Answer: D

Q58. Lena is designing a web site, and she wants to establish effective navigation. What rule of thumb should she consider as a navigation guideline?

A. The three-click rule

B. The five-click rule

C. The site-map rule

D. The keep-it-simple rule

Answer: A

Q59. Which of the following would be an effective way to attract customers to your site without violating end-user trust and privacy?

A. Use pop-up advertisements for weekly specials.

B. Use metadata effectively and appropriately.

C. Design trademarks and logos to resemble those of competitors.

D. Send e-mail to all current and potential customers.

Answer: B

Q60. Which attribute should be used to assign inline styles to HTML?

A. value

B. class

C. id

D. style

Answer: D