Shortcuts To 1D0-520(41 to 50)

Exam Code: 1D0-520 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CIW v5 Site Designer
Certification Provider: CIW
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Q41. Kristi is developing a Web site for Roscoe Carnival Supplies. Roscoe's CEO has provided several JPG images that he wants to include on the home page of the site. As Kristi begins to design the page, she realizes that she cannot achieve the tight design she wants because many of the images have excess white space around them. What should Kristi do to solve the problem?



B. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

C. The HTML 4.0 standard

D. Document Object Model (DOM)

Answer: D

Q48. You are creating a Web site for a customer, which will have many pages. You want to implement a single style sheet to control all the pages on the site. Which of the following would be the preferred method for doing so?

A. Use an external style sheet.

B. Use an embedded style sheet.

C. Use an internal style sheet.

D. Use an exported style sheet.

Answer: A

Q49. Image slicing involves:

A. merging several small image files into a single large image file to simplify placement on the Web page.

B. creating an animated GIF file from a single large image file to decrease perceived download time.

C. selecting rectangular sections of a larger graphic to be divided into smaller images during export.

D. selecting sections of a single image and saving them as separate JPG files in a specially created folder.

Answer: C

Q50. Why is streaming audio often preferable to downloaded audio?

A. Because streaming audio creates better sound quality.

B. Because streaming audio enhances stereo sound.

C. Because streaming audio plays while downloaded.

D. Because streaming audio is easier to implement in Web sites.

Answer: C