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Q11. You have been asked to create a page that retrieves information from a database. Which of the following is the first step in obtaining information from a database from a Web page?

A. Create a connection to the database.

B. Conduct a database query.

C. Put the results in a recordset to ensure that the database returns data properly.

D. Create a recordset to hold the query results.

Answer: A

Q12. Which attribute should be used to assign inline styles to HTML?

A. value

B. class

C. id

D. style

Answer: D

Q13. Consider the following URL:  

Which of the following information is located in the first subdirectory under the main home page?

A. Pricing

B. New products

C. Marketing

D. Company name

Answer: C

Q14. Why must a user download the same applet upon each visit to the site?

A. Java applets have no streaming capability.

B. Java applets do not retain registry entries.

C. Java applets do not retain API calls.

D. Java applets have no caching capability.

Answer: D

Q15. Which HTML tag uses the correct syntax to create a frame?

A. <FRAME SRC="home.htm" ID="main">

B. <FRAME FILE="home.htm" NAME="main">

C. <FRAMES SRC=home.htm NAME=main>

D. <FRAME SRC="home.htm" NAME="main">

Answer: D

Q16. Which of the following is a benefit of imported style sheets?

A. Imported style sheets are the only way to override the default style of a browser.

B. Multiple style sheets can be applied using one style declaration.

C. Imported style sheets override embedded styles.

D. Imported style sheets work with all older browsers.

Answer: B

Q17. Warren is designing a site that promotes radio stations. He decides to create some scenarios in which people would use his site for information, and then focus on the look of the site later. What is the name for the approach that Warren is taking?

A. Top-down approach

B. Bottom-up approach

C. Inside-out approach

D. User-based approach

Answer: D

Q18. Jorge is developing a web site navigation scheme for it. Which of the following guidelines should he apply?

A. Provide quick links

B. Expect users to have similar backgrounds

C. Do not imitate other navigation schemes

D. Develop by adapting to the browser buttons

Answer: A

Q19. Which of the following is generally known as the last major stage of the overall process of developing a complex Web site?

A. Site marketing

B. Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance

C. Site design

D. Site construction

Answer: B

Q20. The best use of an XHTML table is to:

A. occupy the entire space of a Web page.

B. display tabular data.

C. generate fluid design using percentages.

D. create complex layouts.

Answer: B