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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q5. You have been asked to create a page that retrieves information from a database. Which of the following is the first step in obtaining information from a database from a Web page?

A. Conduct a database query.

B. Create a connection to the database.

C. Create a recordset to hold the query results.

D. Put the results in a recordset to ensure that the database returns data properly.

Answer: B

Q6. The structure of a Web site is similar to:

A. a book.

B. a Gantt chart.

C. a table of contents.

D. an organizational chart.

Answer: D

Q7. In order to create two simultaneous moving objects, you would need at least:

A. one layer, one timeline and four keyframes.

B. one layer, two timelines and two keyframes.

C. two layers, one timeline and two keyframes.

D. two layers, one timeline and four keyframes.

Answer: D

Q8. What is the primary purpose of navigational elements within a Web site?

A. To organize a list of hyperlinks

B. To make it easy for users to visit other sites

C. To enable user movement throughout the site

D. To make it easy for users to reach the home page

Answer: C

Q9. Which of the following is a benefit of imported style sheets?

A. Imported style sheets override embedded styles.

B. Imported style sheets work with all older browsers.

C. Multiple style sheets can be applied using one style declaration.

D. Imported style sheets are the only way to override the default style of a browser.

Answer: C

Q10. Where do SVG files render?

A. On the client side

B. On the server side

C. In the XML markup

D. In the Flash plug-in

Answer: A

Q11. Consider the following code:

<a href="">

<img src="ciw-logo.gif" width="231" height="84" border="0"/>


The preceding code seems to render properly in multiple Web browsers. However, it will

not validate to W3C standards. Which of the following must be added?

A. The alt attribute

B. A linked style sheet

C. A closing </img> tag

D. An embedded style sheet

Answer: A

Q12. Reba has been hired to design a Web site for a manufacturer of digital pianos. She plans to build a site that uses visual elements and white space to create an attractive, usable source of information for prospective customers. To ensure visual balance and effective usability on the company's home page, Reba decides to place a large picture with a dark

background on the right side of the page, and to add a vertical menu of navigational links to the left side. Which of the following best describes the type of visual balance Reba plans to use?

A. Radial

B. Distributed

C. Symmetrical

D. Asymmetrical

Answer: D

Q13. Some of your site's users have called to complain that they do not understand the policy for shipping charges. Initially, the Web team created a pop-up window that appears at the point of purchase, designed to explain the shipping charge policy. Why did some of these users fail to get this message?

A. Because antivirus software blocked the pop-ups

B. Because newer browsers have automatic pop-up blockers

C. Because firewalls blocked the client-side scripts that create pop-ups

D. Because firewalls blocked the server-side scripts that create pop-ups

Answer: B

Q14. Both versions of GIF files support small file size, lossless compression and transparency. Which of the two GIF versions also supports animation and interlacing?

A. 87a

B. 87b

C. 89a

D. 89b

Answer: C

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