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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. You are designing a medical research site. The content will include medical terminology. When is it acceptable to use industry jargon?

A. When a casual tone is appropriate

B. When the audience will understand the terms

C. When the Web designer understands the jargon

D. When you want to demonstrate the superiority of your site

Answer: B

Q2. Which of the following is directly exploited by a brute-force attack?

A. The Web server's available bandwidth

B. The Web server's authentication mechanisms

C. The TCP/IP software installed on the Web server

D. The log file mechanisms that exist on the Web server

Answer: B

Q3. According to the W3C XML Recommendation, XML documents that are not well-formed:

A. will not load in the browser.

B. will load in the browser and then generate an error.

C. will generate an error and then load in the browser.

D. will load in the browser until reaching the violation, and then stop.

Answer: A

Q4. Which of the following would be an effective way to attract customers to your site without violating end-user trust and privacy?

A. Use metadata effectively and appropriately.

B. Use pop-up advertisements for weekly specials.

C. Send e-mail to all current and potential customers.

D. Design trademarks and logos to resemble those of competitors.

Answer: A

Q5. You have included a check box on a registration Web page that users accessing your site can select to receive periodic bulk e-mail from your company. What must you include in your bulk e-mail messages to your subscribers?

A. An opt-out option to discontinue receiving the messages

B. An opt-in option to receive similar messages from related companies

C. A section in which recipients can provide feedback about the company

D. Coupons for product specials that can be printed and redeemed on future purchases

Answer: A

Q6. You are working for a financial services company. The company has a Web site that allows its customers to review their statements online. Your Web site uses the Document Object Model (DOM), ActiveX, JavaScript and Java. Which of these technologies is most likely to cause customers problems with their browsers when they try to access information?

A. Java

B. ActiveX

C. JavaScript

D. Document Object Model (DOM)

Answer: B

Q7. You have decided that using a pop-up window is appropriate in a particular situation. Which of the following can you use to ensure that the window is displayed in the proper location?


B. XHTML and pseudo-code

C. JavaScript and pseudo-code

D. JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM)

Answer: D

Q8. Which of the following is the common name for the practice hackers use to trick people into revealing sensitive information?

A. Social engineering

B. Identity exploitation

C. Information probing

D. Intellectual deception

Answer: A

Q9. The best way to thwart a dictionary attack is by enforcing a:

A. proxy server policy.

B. strong password policy.

C. restricted access policy.

D. firewall configuration policy.

Answer: B

Q10. When you publish a Flash file, Flash generates the HTML code for inserting an object in a Web page. Which of the following code fragments indicates the correct attributes that identify a SWF file within the <object> tag?

A. <param type=movie src="myFlashMovie.swf">

B. <param name=movie data="myFlashMovie.swf">

C. <param name=movie value="myFlashMovie.swf">

D. <param value=movie name="myFlashMovie.swf">

Answer: C

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