What Improved 1D0-525 Is?

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Q71. Which of the following is the most efficient strategy for detecting an attack on your company's e-commerce site? 

A. Conducting an audit 

B.  Reviewing system logs 

C. Testing password strength 

D. Teaching employees about social engineering 


Q72. What aspect of e-commerce marketing most significantly differentiates the use of a niche marketing strategy from that of a global marketing strategy? 

A. Advertising media choices 

B. Common customer interests 

C. Products and/or services offered 

D. Geographic distribution of the customers 


Q73. Which of the following is a common design principle for a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on an e-commerce site? 

A. Use frames so that the page can be viewed easily. 

B. Keep the page design simple so that it is easy to update quickly. 

C. Use dynamically generated HTML so that the page is easy to update quickly. 

D. Design the page so that it provides all the information about the company's products. 


Q74. Some Web servers can be configured to listen for HTTP requests for multiple Web sites on a single server. Which of the following steps can be taken to configure multiple Web sites to use port 80 as their default and to secure transactions? 

A. Use separate host header names for each Web site. 

B. Configure the firewall to accept multiple HTTP requests. 

C. Bind multiple IP addresses to a single NIC on the server. 

D. Install IIS and Apache on the same server to host multiple Web sites. 


Q75. Yvonne has received reports that the Web server she administers has been responding slowly to page requests, and often responds so slowly that requested pages are never received. After reviewing the server logs, Yvonne determines that the Web server has received more than 1 billion requests sent to a nonexistent port. The Web server is the target of: 

A. pharming attacks. 

B. database tampering. 

C. buffer overflow attacks. 

D. denial-of-service attacks. 


Q76. Which of the following are common methods for tracking customers in a referrer program? 

A. Customer names, landing page hit counts, page redirections 

B. Cookies, page redirections, specialized URLs with ID numbers 

C. Cookies, Web server referrer agent log files, registered user names 

D. Web browser tracking files, sales commission records, customer names 


Q77. Which party in an electronic funds transfer uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to clear funds? 

A. The Web customer 

B. The Web merchant 

C. The Web merchant's bank 

D. The Web customer's bank 


Q78. Which of the following is the most effective option for detecting a site attack by someone who wants to modify your customer database? 

A. Implementing a firewall 

B. Using antivirus software 

C. Using an intrusion detection system 

D. Limiting the open ports on the system 


Q79. You have been asked to create a digital certificate server. Your supervisor wants you to provide a standard, convenient method for allowing users to request certificates. Which of the following steps should you take? 

A. Enable LDAP-based certificate requests to be processed automatically. B. Enable a server share to allow users to place certificates into a directory. C. Configure the certificate server to process Web-based certificate requests. 

D. Configure the certificate server to process e-mail-based certificate requests. 


Q80. Winnie has collected the physical evidence of an attack on her company's Web site, including the Web server, hard disk drives, site traffic and firewall logs. Which less tangible evidence could be lost? 

A. ISP router records 

B. User authentication data 

C. IP address traceroute data 

D. System data stored in RAM