The Secret of 1D0-525 actual exam

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Q11. Which of the following most completely describes a Sharable Content Object (SCO)? 

A. An asset described by metadata 

B. A system that centrally stores assets 

C. A Rich Site Summary (RSS) that aggregates content 

D. A Java applet or ActiveX control that aggregates and sequences data 


Q12. In evaluating the various Web server, database and scripting-language options available for her company, Lindsay notices that Apache server, MySQL and PHP can be: 

A. purchased separately. 

B. licensed for a maximum of five years. 

C. run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. 

D. easily administered by anyone with no Web application experience. 


Q13. Which of the following is a disadvantage of an online storefront? 

A. High software costs 

B. Difficulty of administration 

C. Lack of control over security 

D. Specialized hardware requirements 


Q14. Denying that a payment transaction took place is known as: 

A. repudiation. 

B. nonrepudiation. 

C. poor data integrity. 

D. negative authentication. 


Q15. Before you can conduct usability testing, you should: 

A. identify your potential customers. 

B. identify browser compatibility issues. 

C. publish your site to a production server. 

D. identify the most-traveled path of your site. 


Q16. Which of the following can help customers complete purchases more quickly? 

A. A well-planned site hierarchy 

B. Detailed descriptions of products 

C. Product testimonials from other customers 

D. An RSS feed directing customers to a site blog 


Q17. What is the term for using a single secret key to both encrypt and decrypt your data? 

A. Hash encryption 

B. Binary-key encryption 

C. Symmetric-key encryption 

D. Asymmetric-key encryption 


Q18. Which of the following best describes an e-commerce transaction system? 

A. It operates like a chain: One broken link causes problems for the entire system. 

B. It operates like the open-source community: Individuals will not use propriety solutions. 

C. It operates like a retail sales transaction: Personal interaction influences buying decisions. 

D. It operates like an atomic reaction: One event sets off a series of events that quickly result in an explosion of activity. 


Q19. Mortimer is creating an e-business site for an international supplier of exotic flower bulbs. Many customers are loyal purchase-club members. He has decided to use a virtual catalog in the construction of the site. Which of the following practices pertaining to implementing a virtual catalog should be avoided? 

A. Managing pricing in multiple currencies 

B. Implementing special pricing rules for club members 

C. Making multiple base catalogs appear as a single catalog to customer 

D. Adding new items to the virtual catalog to add duplicate database entries 


Q20. Which of the following site creation models would be most appropriate for a site needing easy administration and implementation as well as minimal business owner control? 

A. Online instant storefront 

B. Mid-level online instant storefront 

C. Mid-level offline instant storefront 

D. High-level offline instant storefront