[Pinpoint] 1D0-525 CIW exam engine 1-10 (Jun 2021)

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New CIW 1D0-525 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

New Questions 1

You have posted your e-commerce site on a staging server. Which of the following most effectively ensures that your site will provide a satisfying experience for users?

A. Engaging in role playing in order to test the site

B. Implementing Web site stress-testing software

C. Using design techniques to ensure symmetrical balance

D. Using design techniques to ensure asymmetrical balance

Answer: A

New Questions 2

Jennifer placed a special product advertisement on the home page of her e-commerce site. After one week, she reviewed her server logs to see how many visitors clicked the ad, completed the registration page and then entered credit card information to purchase the product. Jennifer's site path analysis is a review of:

A. good e-commerce advertising.

B. customer satisfaction surveys.

C. controlled-navigation click patterns.

D. live usability testing and role playing.

Answer: C

New Questions 3

What is the single most important result of any marketing strategy?

A. Number of products sold

B. Dollars generated in sales

C. Return On Investment (ROI)

D. Cost of the marketing campaign

Answer: C

New Questions 4

Which of the following is an example of just-in-time (JIT) delivery?

A. Obtaining the product only after supplies have run out

B. Obtaining and developing items as customers demand the product

C. Storing the product in parts until customers demand the assembled product

D. Warehousing large amounts of assembled goods as customers demand the product

Answer: B

New Questions 5

Which of the following can help customers complete purchases more quickly?

A. A well-planned site hierarchy

B. Detailed descriptions of products

C. Product testimonials from other customers

D. An RSS feed directing customers to a site blog

Answer: A

New Questions 6

A large company with an adequate staff and funding wants to implement an e-commerce storefront. Which of the following methods would be most suitable for this company?

A. Online solution

B. Offline solution

C. Instant storefront

D. In-house solution

Answer: D

New Questions 7

Which of the following is a concern with third-party instant storefronts?

A. They are available only through a portal.

B. They rely on a third party to secure the site.

C. They do not include shopping-cart software.

D. They require extensive knowledge of e-commerce server software.

Answer: B

New Questions 8

The details of an e-commerce site order can be kept in memory, stored on the visitor's computer or stored on the Web server. This ability to remember the details of an order is known as:

A. profiling an order.

B. tracking an order.

C. persisting an order.

D. filling the shopping cart.

Answer: C

New Questions 9

What is the result of an e-commerce HTTP server that processes the input queue at a rate equal to or greater than that of incoming requests?

A. A bottleneck occurs.

B. Network bandwidth decreases.

C. The server performs adequately.

D. The site visitor experiences a delay.

Answer: C

New Questions 10

Which of the following can help assure customers that the information they provide to you will remain private?

A. Create a data backup policy.

B. Post the company security policy.

C. Implement and post a privacy policy.

D. Provide an opt-out link for all e-mail sent to customers.

Answer: C

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