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Q41. Which subset of Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to create and name database entities? 

A. Data Query Language 

B. Database Entity Language 

C. Data Definition Language 

D. Data Manipulation Language 


Q42. Consider the entity-relationship (ER) diagram shown in the exhibit. What do the characters at the ends of the connecting line indicate? 

A. Degree of a relation 

B. Cardinality of a relation 

C. Primary key of a relation 

D. Determinant of a relation 


Q43. Consider the Project relation shown in the exhibit as well as the following SQL statement: Which of the following tables shows the Project relation after execution of this SQL statement? 

Which database architecture is best suited to implementation in the World Wide Web environment? 

A. Two-tier using thin client 

B. Three-tier using fat client 

C. Three-tier using thin client 

D. Centralized mainframe with terminal client 


Q44. Which area of database security involves maintaining access to enterprise data? 

A. Theft 

B. Privacy 

C. Availability 

D. Confidentiality 


Q45. Which of the following best describes the information contained in the data dictionary (or system catalog)? 

A. Metadata 

B. Data model 

C. Table data 

D. Metafile 


Q46. Which of the following ACID properties requires that a transaction be executed in its entirety or not all? 

A. Durability 

B. Consistency 

C. Isolation 

D. Atomicity 


Q47. Consider the Registration relation shown in the exhibit. Which of the following SQL statements would return all tuples that have course codes beginning with the letter M? 

A. SELECT * FROM Registration WHERE Course_Code = # 

B. SELECT * FROM Registration WHERE Course_Code LIKE _ 

C. SELECT * FROM Registration WHERE Course_Code LIKE % 

D. SELECT * FROM Registration WHERE Course Code = % 


Q48. In which phase of database design do you identify entities, attribute domains, and relationships? 

A. Logical 

B. Physical 

C. Application 

D. Conceptual 


Q49. Consider the Employee relation shown in the exhibit. A database manager wants to set up a view called Emp_Dept that allows users to find employees and their department ID numbers. Which SQL statement will accomplish this? 

A. CREATE VIEWEmp_Dept AS SELECT Last_Name, First_Name, Dept_ID FROM Employee; 


C. UPDATE VIEWEmp_Dept AS SELECT Last_Name, First_Name, Dept_ID FROM Employee; 

D. CREATE VIEWEmp_Dept AS SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE ID = 0001 AND ID = 0002 AND ID = 0003 AND ID = 0004; 


Q50. Which type of relational integrity is violated if a primary key in a database has a null value? 

A. Entity integrity 

B. Domain integrity 

C. Domain constraints 

D. Referential integrity