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Q21. Sampson has used HTML5 to create a Web page that contains image-based navigation buttons. He would like to add text-based navigation to help ensure accessibility. Which of the following HTML5 elements should he use? 

A. <aside> 

B. <footer> 

C. <header> 

D. <article> 


Q22. What does the following represent? 2E22: 4F00: 000E: 00D0:A267:97FF:FE6E:FE34 

A. A MAC address 

B. AnlPv4address 

C. An IPv6 address 

D. An IP diagnostic loopback address 


Q23. You have recently purchased a new wireless router. You would like to configure a name for your wireless network so that you can easily identify it when scanning available wireless networks. Which term describes this wireless network device name? 

A. Default gateway 

B. Wireless access point (AP) 

C. Access Point Identifier (API) 

D. Service Set Identifier (SSID) 


Q24. Katie developed her corporation’s intra net site using proprietary HTML language extensions based on the company’s current browser. The company has recently updated its systems to include the use of a new browser. Now the intra net site that Katie developed no longer renders its content consistently. What should Katie do to ensure that this site’s content renders consistently regardless of the browser used? 

A. Revise the site to include workarounds and hacks for the new browser. 

B. Revise the site’s markup language in only those areas that are not rendering properly. 

C. Update the site using a single language standard consistently, such as HTML5 or XHTML. 

D. Update the site using the proprietary language extensions required by the new browser’s rendering engine. 


Q25. You are creating a style sheet to format your Web pages. For the page background color, you enter the hexadecimal code FF0000. What color will the page background be when you apply this style? 

A. Red 

B. Blue 

C. Black 

D. Green 


Q26. Melanie works in the sales department at XYZ Company. She decides that her company’s marketing team has done a poor job representing the company’s brand. Without direction or permission, she starts her own social networking account to help. This account’s name is called XYZ Professional. To customize her page, she uses company logos and verbiage from the company Web site. She then begins communicating with customers and individuals interested in XYZ via this service. Which of the following would be the most appropriate response to Melanie’s actions by the company? 

A. Providing a link to Melanie’s page from the company’s official social networking account 

B. Sending Melanie a request from the company’s Human Resources department to stop using company logos, yet allowing her to continue using this social networking account 

C. Adding references to Melanie’s social networking page in the company’s internal newsletter 

D. Terminating Melanie’s employment for copyright and trademark violation, with a cease-and- desist letter asking for control of the account 


Q27. Which organization is responsible for managing domain names so that each one is unique, and (once registered) cannot be used by an unauthorized individual or organization? 


B. W3C 




Q28. To restore a backup file on a Windows-based computer, you: 

A. Use the Disk Management utility in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 

B. Use the Backup And Restore utility in the Control Panel. 

C. Use Device Manager in the Control Panel. 

D. Extract the backed-up file. 


Q29. Which type of application allows you to edit and validate your source code and preview your Web pages in multiple browsers? 

A. GUI HTML editor 

B. HTML text editor 

C. Word processor 

D. Compiler 


Q30. Which of the following is generally a component of a BYOD policy? 

A. Scope of control 

B. Insurance on devices 

C. Maintenance provision 

D. Device replacement or upgrade