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Q61. When a developer wants to center a paragraph of text, which code should she use? 

A. <p text-align=“center”>This is the text to center</p> 

B. <p “text-align: center”> This is the text to center</p> 

C. <p style=“text-align: center”> This is the text to center</p> 

D. <p style: text-align=“center”> This is the text to center</p> 


Q62. Skylar has been asked by the HR Department to create a Web page for the company’s intra net site that compares the company’s four different medical insurance plans. To accomplish this effectively in HTML5, Skylar should: 

A. use document structure tags to lay out the page and use a table to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

B. use JavaScript to lay out the page and use a table within the  page  to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

C. use tables to lay out the page and use the <pre..> tag inside the table to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

D. use CSS to lay out the page and use the <pre> element to organize the medical insurance plan information. 


Q63. Xue’s company has provided her with a desktop computer to use at work. She has configured her e- mail client on this work computer to include her personal e-mail account so that she can conveniently download messages and check her personal e-mail. Xue should be aware that: 

A. the company will block personal e-mail accounts. 

B. the company must permit her to receive personal e-mail messages. 

C. the company will ignore the e-mail messages to respect her privacy. 

D. the company will have access to her personal e-mail messages. 


Q64. You received an e-mail message on which several other individuals were copied. You want to respond to this message in a way that will include everyone who was copied on the original message. You can accomplish this by using which action? 

A. Reply 

B. Reply All 

C. Forward 

D. Send 


Q65. Marion has been hired by a small business to determine why its Web site does not attract users. As Marion interviews different members of the company, she learns that when the site  was first created,  the  external Web developer did not produce any documents  specifying the basic requirements for the site. As a result, the site did not have a defined purpose and was not designed for the company’s audience. Additionally, the site navigation did not make sense from a user’s point of view. Marion considers this information, then she recommends that the company create which document? 

A. Wireframe 

B. Storyboard 

C. Marketing slideshow 

D. Non-disclosure agreement 


Q66. Michelle wants to search for a scuba regulator. She plans to use a keyword search engine. She does not want to see any results from the manufacturer named Scubapro. Which of the following search strings should she use? 

A. Regulators !Scubapro 

B. Regulators Scubapro 

C. Regulators <Scubapro 

D. Regulators >Scubapro 


Q67. Which HTML validator is best for a final check before a new Web site is published? 

A. GUI HTML editor’s validator 

B. Your browser’s add-on validator 

C. W3C validator at 

D. W3C validator at 


Q68. A paradigm shift has occurred in the way that small businesses use software applications. Companies increasingly choose hosted solutions with a monthly subscription fee and outsourced  system maintenance, instead of purchasing software and hardware that must be maintained by internal resources. This business model is commonly referred to as: 

A. Scalability. 

B. Grid computing. 

C. Crowd sourcing. 

D. Software as a Service. 


Q69. You have 20 remote employees flying in to attend a corporate meeting. The morning of travel day, the administrator tells you that the hotel reservations have changed. What is the best way to send each traveling employee a quick message with the new hotel information? 

A. Update the meeting agenda with the hotel information. 

B. Post an announcement to the company’s Web site with the new hotel information. 

C. Call each stakeholder and leave a message with the address of the hotel. 

D. Send a text message with the hotel information to the mobile phone of each traveler. 


Q70. Which line of code instructs the browser to look for a directory named my site that begins onelevel higher than the page you are currently viewing? 

A. mysite/index.html 

B. /mysite/index.html 

C. . ./mysite/index.html