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Q21. Which of the following strategies is recommended when conducting keyword searches? 

A. Use nouns instead of verbs for keywords. 

B. Use verbs instead of nouns for keywords. 

C. Use as few keywords as possible. 

D. Include at least one preposition such as“the”or“an”in your list of keywords. 


Q22. Michelle wants to search for a scuba regulator. She plans to use a keyword search engine. She does not want to see any results from the manufacturer named Scubapro. Which of the following search strings should she use? 

A. Regulators !Scubapro 

B. Regulators Scubapro 

C. Regulators <Scubapro 

D. Regulators >Scubapro 


Q23. Digital signatures verify the integrity of the data, verify the identity of the sender, and: 

A. Provide data confidentiality. 

B. Enforce non-repudiation. 

C. Sign digitalcertificaterequests. 

D. Create certificate requests. 


Q24. Evonka is listening to music from an online music provider (such as Pandora or Jango). She builds a list of music preferences, including favorite songs. The music service then suggests additional songs she might enjoy. The music provider is an example of a cloud-computing application that uses a technology for collaborative filtering,  which helps define the list of songs  available to listeners. Which term describes this technology? 

A. Bit-torrent 

B. Crowdsourcing 

C. Grid computing 

D. Software as a Service 


Q25. CORRECT TEXT You are using an e-mail client that you are unfamiliar with. You need to send an e-mail with an attachment but you do not see a feature labeled “attachment” anywhere on the client. What icon should you look for that is commonly used to invoke the e- mail attachment option? 

A. Lock 

B. Folder 

C. Checkmark 

D. Paperclip 


Q26. The App-A-Day company offers software applications for various topics. When a customer purchases a desired application from the App-A-Day online store, he is directed to a page where he can download the application directly. When the customer is redirected and begins downloading the application, which specific standard protocol is most likely transferring the application? 






Q27. You have 20 remote employees flying in to attend a corporate meeting. The morning of travel day, the administrator tells you that the hotel reservations have changed. What is the best way to send each traveling employee a quick message with the new hotel information? 

A. Update the meeting agenda with the hotel information. 

B. Post an announcement to the company’s Web site with the new hotel information. 

C. Call each stakeholder and leave a message with the address of the hotel. 

D. Send a text message with the hotel information to the mobile phone of each traveler. 


Q28. Which is the preferred approach to communicate important action items in an e-mail message to a co-worker? 

A. Write the action items using all capital letters. 

B. List the action items in a numbered or bulleted list for clarity. 

C. Include emoticons to ensure the recipient understands your humor. 

D. Describe all action items at length in a detailed paragraph in the middle of the message. 


Q29. You are configuring an e-mail client to connect to your e-mail account. Which of following is required to set up the e-mail account? 

A. An HTTP address 

B. An FTP address 

C. ADNSserveraddress 

D. APOP3 address 


Q30. You are the technology coordinator for a small multi-national corporation with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and London. You have been asked to coordinate a live and interactive meeting that will allow executives from each of the offices to meet virtually and share presentations. What is the best way to achieve this desired goal? 

A. Podcast 

B. Webcast 

C. Conference call 

D. Web conference