The Secret of 1D0-61A practice exam

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Q1. Aisha is preparing to give a presentation to management about the development of cloud computing services that her company is planning to implement. Which of the following might her managers mention as a possible objection or drawback to using cloud services for the company? 

A. Speed 

B. Cost 

C. Flexibility 

D. Scalability 


Q2. What is the difference between a computer virus and a worm? 

A. A virus can replicate by itself, whereas a worm requires user action to replicate. 

B. A worm can replicate by itself, whereas a virus requires user action to replicate. 

C. A worm can deposit an illicit server, whereas a virus cannot. 

D. A virus can deposit an illicit server, whereas a worm cannot. 


Q3. You are leading a team of new hires and need to train them on innovative strategies and technologies that will be used to develop an upcoming project. You send several e-mail messages with links to helpful resources. But you soon realize this is an inefficient way to organize and share this information. Which solution would provide a more efficient way to categorize and share this information? 

A. Social tagging 

B. Grid computing 

C. Ajax programming 

D. Collective intelligence 


Q4. An end user cannot log in to a page that provides an c-learning course. The authentication window will not launch. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem? 

A. Pop-up blocking software has been enabled in the operating system. 

B. The browser has recently had its cookie cache cleared. 

C. The browser has recently had its browsing history cleared. 

D. Pop-up blocking software has been enabled in the Web browser. 


Q5. Irena is reviewing several promotional product videos from her company’s marketing department before they are published on the company’s Web site. The videos are in RealMedia format, but they do not open in Irena’s Windows Media Player. What should Irena do in order to view the videos? 

A. Contact her company’s Technical Support department and schedule service for her computer. 

B. Convert the video files to the WMV format, because RealMedia files will not play in Windows Media Player. 

C. Upload the videos to the Web server to be viewed through Windows Media Player because they will not play from a local computer. 

D. Decompress the files before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player, because RealMedia files are compressed for uploading/downloading. 


Q6. Which of the following is used to help non-technical users collectively classify and find information on a site? 

A. Tagging 

B. Awiki 

C. Web feed 

D. Ajax 


Q7. You attend an online university that offers seminars on APA Style through its Writing Center. You registered for the seminar and learn that the training will be provided over the Web. Although there is no opportunity to ask questions, you find the live lecture to be engaging. Which  Webbased meeting format was used? 

A. Web conference 

B. Video conference 

C. Webinar 

D. Blog 


Q8. The official CIW Web site has an IP address of Which technology allows Web users to enter the URL in the browser address bar to access the site, instead of having to remember and enter the IP address? 






Q9. You just received a joke that was c-mailed to you by a co-worker. You find the joke funny and consider forwarding it to another co-worker that you trust. Which human resources issue do you risk by forwarding the e-mail message? 

A. Forgetting to include others who might find the joke funny 

B. Copyright infringement by not providing credit to the originator of the joke 

C. Offending a recipient who receives the joke as a result from further forwarding 

D. Reducing the effectiveness of spam filters 


Q10. Proprietary information for your company’s online business was released to a competitor. Which of the following preventative measures should your company take to ensure that its proprietary information is protected in the future? 

A. Restrict Internet access 

B. Uninstall any e-mail clients 

C. Monitor employees’messages 

D. Destroy all proprietaryinformation