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Q21. Which security issue is most closely associated with wireless networks? 

A. Spoofing 

B. Wardriving 

C. Eavesdropping 

D. Man-in-the-middle 


Q22. Selena has run out of memory on her phone’s SD card. She has decided to store the files she has accumulated on a third-party cloud service provider’s drives. Which of the following is a typical issue that she may encounter? 

A. The files become corrupted due to an attack from a hacker botnet. 

B. The files become unavailable whenever Internet connectivity is lost. 

C. The files become unavailable because they are being shared with other users. 

D. The files become corrupted because the provider uses a proprietary compression algorithm during transit. 


Q23. Which of the following computer system maintenance tasks can help improve file access performance? 

A. Use a SCSI drive instead of a SATA drive 

B. Use a SATA drive instead of an EIDE drive 

C. Defragment the drive using the following command: fdisk -d -w c:/ 

D. Defragment the drive using the following command: defrag c: -w 


Q24. What is the biggest security concern with wireless networks? 

A. Firewall software is not available for access points. 

B. Wireless encryption algorithms must be implemented. 

C. Wireless networks do not support intrusion detection. 

D. Wireless networks do not support encryption via an access point. 


Q25. Consider the network configuration shown in the command prompt: 

What does the Default Gateway identify? 

A. The file server on the network 

B. The local host on the network 

C. The computer on the network 

D. The router on the network 


Q26. Selena has decided to change a 32-character unique wireless network name on her wireless router to improve network security after a break-in. She is following advice from CERT to make this change in order to avoid attacks from botnets. Which of the following settings would she modify? 

A. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) signal 

B. Media Access Control (MAC) address 

C. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) D. Service Set Identifier (SSID) 


Q27. The Internet has enabled many new anti-social activities, such as online stalking, cyberbullying, and addiction to solitary online activities. Which choice is the most feasible way for schools and parents to reduce cyberbullying? 

A. Monitor, track and record all online activity conducted by students. 

B. Teach teens that the use of online communication is a freedom of expression. 

C. Prevent students from accessing the Internet while at school so that they learn good habits. 

D. Educate students about cyber-ethics and the consequences of questionable online behavior. 


Q28. Which of the following is a disadvantage of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in a company? 

A. Increased cost for licensing mobile applications 

B. Configuring the corporate e-mail server to work with mobile devices 

C. Inability to control access to company data if the device is stolen or lost 

D. Providing training for employees on how to use mobile devices with company applications 


Q29. Jenny recently switched from broadband cable Internet to ADSL service with her local phone company. To economize, she chose the self-installation option. It appears that her ADSL modem is not allowing her to connect to the Internet. Which setting should she check first? 

A. Loopback address 

B. Software version 

C. Default gateway D. Device name 


Q30. Carol is experiencing read/write errors when trying to save files on her Windows- based laptop. To correct the issue, she could consider performing which of the following maintenance tasks? 

A. Disk cleanup 

B. fsck command 

C. chkdsk command 

D. Disk defragmentation