Ideas to 1y0 201 simulations

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Q51. - (Topic 1) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to give an IT manager access to Citrix Studio to audit the infrastructure. The administrator wants to prevent the IT manager from editing configurations in Studio. 

Which administrator role should the administrator give the IT manager? 

A. Help Desk Administrator 

B. Read Only Administrator 

C. Delivery Group Administrator 

D. Machine Catalog Administrator 


Q52. - (Topic 2) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to reduce power consumption during off-peak hours. 

With the current configuration, the Desktop OS machines will remain powered-on when users disconnect at the end of the workday. 

How could the administrator reduce power consumption during off-peak hours? 

A. Use the PowerShell cmdlet: Set-BrokerDesktopGroup. 

B. Set the Reboot Schedule policy from within Citrix Studio. 

C. Create a shutdown scheduled task on the Desktop OS machines. 

D. Configure Power Management settings in an Active Directory Group Policy. 


Q53. - (Topic 4) 

Scenario: Users complain that they are NOT able to print to the new special barcode printers attached to their client devices. However, they can print to other mapped printers. 

What should a Citrix Administrator do to resolve this issue? 

A. Configure the Printer Assignments policy setting. 

B. Set the Client printer redirection policy to Allowed. 

C. Configure Default Print Flags on the Desktop OS machines. 

D. Pre-stage manufacturer-provided printer drivers on the Desktop OS machines using pnputil.exe. 


Q54. - (Topic 4) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured Profile Management using Citrix policies. The administrator enabled the policies and set the order of priority. The administrator later discovered that when users log in, their profile settings are NOT being saved for future sessions. 

In which two ways could the administrator refresh policies on the Server and Desktop OS machines? (Choose two.) 

A. Restart all Server and Desktop OS machines. 

B. Run rsop.msc from the command-line interface. 

C. Disable the Windows Firewall on the Delivery Controller. 

D. Change priority of the Management Policy in Citrix Studio. 

E. Run gpupdate /force from the command-line interface on all Server and Desktop OS machines. 

Answer: C,D 

Q55. - (Topic 4) 

In which node within Citrix Studio could a Citrix Administrator modify the operating system type for Machine Creation Services? 

A. Hosting 

B. Policies 

C. Controllers 

D. Machine Catalogs 



Q56. - (Topic 4) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator changed a policy setting in Citrix Studio and assigned the policy to the default user group XDWin8Users. The administrator then tested the new setting with User1, who is a member of the XDWin8Users group. After logging on with User1, the administrator finds that the new setting is NOT working. 

What is the first step the administrator should take to investigate this issue? 

A. Use the Modeling Wizard in Citrix Studio. 

B. Generate a Resultant Set of Policy report on a Domain Controller. 

C. Generate a Resultant Set of Policy report on the Desktop OS machines. 

D. Use the Modeling Wizard in Microsoft Group Policy Management console. 


Q57. - (Topic 3) 

Where in Citrix Director could a Citrix Administrator validate that Flash Redirection is enabled? 

A. User Details 

B. Activity Monitor 

C. The Network tab 

D. The Sessions tab 


Q58. - (Topic 4) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to change Provisioning Services from PXE to TFTP. During the migration on a newly created VLAN, the administrator receives this error message: 

Boot device not found. 

Which two DHCP server options should the administrator set to allow the virtual machines to start up from the vDisk? (Choose two.) 

A. 60 

B. 66 

C. 67 

D. 69 

Answer: A,D 

Q59. - (Topic 1) 

Scenario: An organization has headquarters based in London and has branch offices in New York and Beijing. Citrix XenDesktop was recently implemented in the environment. All Desktop OS machines are located within the London Datacenter while print servers are located in each branch office. Users have been complaining that printing from the branch offices is slow. All branches are connected through a Wide Area Network (WAN). QoS has been implemented for all ICA/HDX traffic. 

How could a Citrix Administrator optimize the printing performance for branch office users without asking for additional investments from management? 

A. Disable client auto-created printers. 

B. Disable direct connections to the print server. 

C. Increase the WAN link speed to the branch offices. 

D. Adjust printing bandwidth as part of the overall user session bandwidth limit. 


Q60. - (Topic 3) 

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is informed of latency at a branch office. Users report they are experiencing slow mouse and keyboard responses, as well as slow screen refreshes, while working within their Desktop OS machines. Users at the branch office access their Desktop OS machines through the NetScaler Gateway. 

Which tool could the administrator use to monitor the user experience at the remote office? 

A. Citrix Scout 

B. Citrix Studio 

C. Citrix Director 

D. Citrix Command Center