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Scenario: ACitrix AdministraA tor has developed a PowerShell script in a XenDesktop testing infrastructure. After successful tests, the administrator received permission to implement the script in the production environment?
The administrator needs to run the script from Citrix Studio PowerShell. Which command should the administrator run before running the script?

  • A. Add-AdminPermission
  • B. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  • C. Add-Pssnapin Citri
  • D. *
  • E. Get-Command-Module Citri
  • F. *

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains for 100 seconds but is interrupted, and applications become unusable. The session then automatically resumes, and the administrator is able to continue working on the application at the same progress point as before the interruption. Which policy must have been enabled?

  • A. Load Management
  • B. ICA Keep Alive
  • C. Auto Client Reconnect
  • D. Session Reliability

Answer: D

Which layer is focused on the desktop images to which users connect?

  • A. Resource Layer
  • B. Access Layer
  • C. Control Layer
  • D. User Layer

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator uses Machine Creation Services (MCS) to provision persistent virtual machines. In this situation, each virtual machine is assigned _______ and ________. (Choose two options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. an identity disk
  • B. a base disk
  • C. a differencing disk
  • D. a Personal vDisk

Answer: AB

ACitrix Administrator needs to get a list of all published applications being used along with associated user names in a XenApp environment.
Which cmdlet can the administrator execute to accomplish this task?

  • A. Get-BrokerApplicationInstance
  • B. Get-BrokerApplication
  • C. Get-BrokerSessionLinger
  • D. Get-BrokerSession

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference adm

ACitrix Administrator needs to review the Delivery Group’s historical data from the last 200 days. Which tool allows the administrator to view this data?

  • A. Citrix Studio – Delivery Groups
  • B. Citrix Director - Dashboard
  • C. Citrix Studio - Applications
  • D. Citrix Director - Trends

Answer: D

ACitrix Administrator needs to join a XenDesktop Controller to an existing site that is configured to use a mirrored SQL server database.
Using Citrix Studio, which two methods can the administrator choose to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database manually”; generate scripts and run them in Administrative Power Shell Window on SQL Server
  • B. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database manually”; generate scripts and run them on SQL Server Management Studio in SQLCMD mode
  • C. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database automatically”; mirroring is detected without user intervention
  • D. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database automatically”; mirroring can be configured later on

Answer: BC

ACitrix Administrator is preparing a XenDesktop Printer policy to allow every user to map only one of the locally installed printers. How can the administrator accomplish this task?

  • A. Enable the "Auto-create the client's default printer only" policy.
  • B. Install only native printer drivers to the XenDesktop virtual machines.
  • C. Enable the "Disable LTP ports" policy.
  • D. Enable the "Auto-create local (non-network) client printers only" polic

Answer: A

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to deploy Receiver to a group of new users who use restricted workstations that do NOT allow applications to be installed locally on them. These users are internal to the company and connect directly to the XenDesktop environment via Storefront.
Which deployment option is optimal for these new users?

  • A. Receiver for Web deployed from StoreFront
  • B. Native Receiver deployed through Active Directory scripting
  • C. Receiver for HTML5 deployed through client web browser
  • D. Native Receiver deployed through group policy

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator wants to enable Citrix XML Service trust for user access within a XenDesktop infrastructure. Which step does the administrator need to take to complete this task?

  • A. Configure the appropriate XML Service Trust settings using HDX policy within Citrix Studio.
  • B. Run the “Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXMLServicePort $true” PowerShell command from within a Controller.
  • C. Run the “Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXMLServicePort $true” PowerShell command from within a VDA.
  • D. Run the “Get-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXMLServicePort $true” PowerShell command from within a Controller.

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator configures the “Auto connect client drives” user settings to map client drives within the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) session for all published desktops.
The setting is configured in a Baseline Group Policy Object (GPO) and linked to an Organizational Unit (OU) that contains all of the published desktops.
When a user launches the desktop, client drives are NOT mapped. What is a possible reason?

  • A. Desktops need to be rebooted to get the Policy applied.
  • B. Loopback processing is NOT enabled.
  • C. gpupdate/force needs to executed on all of the machines.
  • D. GPO needs to be linked to the User O

Answer: C

ACitrix Administrator needs to configure Citrix policies using the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Which software does the administrator need to install on the machine used to configure the policies?

  • A. Citrix Director
  • B. Citrix Group Policy Management MSI
  • C. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  • D. Citrix Client Side Extension MSI

Answer: B

Configuration Logging tracks changes to XenDesktop from _______ and ______. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. Group Policy Management console
  • C. Citrix License Administration console
  • D. PowerShell cmdlets

Answer: AD

Which Citrix component is installed by the XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)?

  • A. HDX 3D Pro
  • B. HDX RealTime Optimization Pack
  • C. Receiver for Web
  • D. Receiver

Answer: A

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is installing Office 365 Pro Plus. The administrator needs to use a silent installation method that does NOT perform activation. Which type of file is required for a silent installation method?

  • A. MSP
  • B. MSI
  • C. XML
  • D. INI

Answer: C

ACitrix Administrator needs to create a policy and configure ____ in order for Citrix Management to process all files for all Domain Users. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

  • A. folder inclusion list
  • B. file inclusion list
  • C. profile store
  • D. folder redirection

Answer: A

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator has been receiving calls from users stating that they are receiving new sessions instead of reconnecting to their disconnected sessions. The administrator investigated the issue and found the sessions are in a disconnected state when the users leave work.
What should the administrator configure inStoreFront to allow the users to reconnect to their disconnected sessions while roaming?

  • A. Session Lingering
  • B. Session Pre-Launch
  • C. Workspace Control
  • D. Session Timeout

Answer: A

Scenario: The Helpdesk team is troubleshooting a printing issue. Users connect to print servers located in two different datacenters. The print servers host identical drivers and queues. Upon investigation, a Citrix Administrator finds that users can only print to one of the print servers successfully.
The network team informed the administrator that only Citrix-related traffic is allowed between the two Sites. How can the administrator fix this issue?

  • A. Create a Citrix policy to auto-create printers.
  • B. Install Universal drivers to all print servers.
  • C. Create a print policy that limits the bandwidth consumption used by printing.
  • D. Create a printing policy that disables direct connections to print serve

Answer: A

Which three core services are required for a FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) site to run optimally? (Choose three.)

  • A. Machine Creation Service
  • B. Delegated Administration Service
  • C. Configuration Logging Service
  • D. Telemetry Service
  • E. Central Configuration Service

Answer: BCE

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