Shortcuts To 1Y0-253(71 to 80)

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Q71. Which command is used to verify the authentication process? 

A. show aaa user 

B. show aaa stats C. cat aaad.debug 

D. set aaa ldapParams 


Q72. Scenario: An administrator configured a NetScaler Gateway session policy named spol_ICAP. The administrator needs to bind the policy to ensure that it is evaluated only when users of the ICAP security group log on to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server named vsrv_AGEE. 

Which command should the administrator run at the command-line interface to meet the needs of the scenario? 

A. bind vpn vserver vsrv_AGEE ICAP 

B. bind aaa group ICAP -policy spol_ICAP 

C. bind aaa group ICAP -policy spol_ICAP -global OFF 

D. bind vpn vserver vsrv_AGEE -policy spol_ICAP -priority 1 


Q73. Scenario: A recent security audit identified that communications between the NetScaler Gateway and the STA were NOT secure. A Citrix Administrator was asked to secure this communication. 

What must the administrator install as one of the steps to secure communications between the NetScaler Gateway and the STA? 

A. A root certificate on the NetScaler virtual server. 

B. A server certificate on the server running the STA. 

C. A server certificate from the STA server on the NetScaler virtual server. 

D. An HTTPS virtual server on the NetScaler to load balance STA servers. 


Q74. Which type of connection is used when users launch a XenDesktop published application from Worx Home? 

A. VPN only 

B. ICA Proxy 

C. Micro VPN only 

D. ICA through a Micro VPN 


Q75. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has implemented a remote access solution using NetScaler. The administrator is alerted with information indicating users attempting to access resources through NetScaler are unable to authenticate. 

How can the administrator identify whether the authentication process is the cause? 

A. Review the system log on the Domain Controller. 

B. Execute the "nsconmsg -d event" command on the NetScaler. 

C. Use the "cat aaad.debug" command on the NetScaler shell. 

D. Use the "vi /var/log/auth_error.log" command to review saved events on the NetScaler shell. 


Q76. Which NetScaler IP address type is created when the below command is executed at the command-line interface? 

add ns ip 

A. Virtual IP 

B. Cluster IP 

C. Subnet IP 

D. Mapped IP 

E. GSLB Site IP 


Q77. Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator complete to set up an SSL VPN virtual server? (Choose two.) 

A. Bind a session policy. 

B. Install a certificate-key pair. 

C. Bind a certificate-key pair to the virtual server. 

D. Configure a Secure Ticketing Authority server. 

Answer: B,C 

Q78. Which command-line interface command could an administrator use to display communication between the LDAP server and the NetScaler system? 

A. cat /etc/krb5.conf 

B. cat /etc/krb5.keytab 

C. cat /tmp/aaad.debug 

D. cat /var/log/aaad.debug 

E. tail -f /var/log/aaad.debug 


Q79. Which two pieces of information are required to create a virtual server? (Choose two.) 

A. Port 

B. Protocol 

C. Subnet Mask 

D. Gateway Address 

Answer: A,B 

Q80. Scenario: An administrator implemented RADIUS with NetScaler Gateway as a two-factor authentication solution for a XenDesktop implementation. A planned outage is scheduled in wake of a software upgrade on the RADIUS infrastructure. During the outage, the administrator needs to disable the two-factor authentication on NetScaler Gateway to enable users' continued access to published applications. 

Which action could the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario without affecting the connected users? 

A. Delete the RADIUS authentication policy. 

B. Set the RADIUS policy to be secondary authentication. 

C. Disable authentication on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server. 

D. Unbind the RADIUS authentication policy from the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.