The Up to date Guide To 1Y0-253 free samples Dec 2021

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Q81. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to update an SSL certificate that is currently installed and configured. The administrator needs to locate the virtual server on which this SSL certificate is configured. 

Which option should the administrator select to determine on which virtual server the SSL certificate is configured? 

A. Details 

B. Cert Links 

C. Show Bindings 

D. OCSP Bindings 


Q82. Scenario: An administrator is creating a NetScaler Gateway virtual server for mobile devices only. The administrator must include two-factor authentication. 

Which two steps must the administrator take to configure two-factor authentication for this environment? (Choose two.) 

A. Bind the RSA policy first. 

B. Bind the LDAP policy first. 

C. Create an authentication policy. 

D. Create a pre-authentication policy. 

Answer: A,C 

Q83. What is required to configure SSL Offloading on a virtual server? 

A. Public Key 

B. Client Certificate 

C. Certificate-Key Pair 

D. Certificate Authority 


Q84. Scenario: Authentication through a NetScaler Gateway is NOT functioning for all users. A Citrix Administrator needs to ensure that user authentication events are being sent to the external corporate logging server. 

Where should the administrator go in the NetScaler Configuration Utility to meet this requirement? 

A. Policies > Auditing > Nslog 

B. Policies > Auditing > Syslog 

C. Policies > Authentication > Local 

D. Policies > Authentication > LDAP 


Q85. What is required to configure a NetScaler Gateway cluster? 

A. Striped IP addresses 

B. Strict option is enabled 

C. Sticky option is enabled 

D. Enterprise or Platinum license 


Q86. HDX Insight is used in a 500-user organization that has a single datacenter location with a single Internet service provider. 

Which form of Citrix NetScaler redundancy should a Citrix Administrator implement? 



C. Clustering 

D. High availability 


Q87. Scenario: A virtual server has been configured in the Content Switching node to provide multiple Web services using the full website path location. This website contains details that can only be displayed using a specific Web browser such as Internet Explorer. 

Which two actions must an administrator perform to ensure that users are informed of the browser requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure Advanced Expression policies to determine the type of browser used. 

B. Create a backup server to display a website that informs users of the browser requirements. 

C. Configure a redirect URL to redirect users to a website that informs them of the browser requirements. 

D. Configure a default policy to redirect users to a website that informs them of the browser requirements. 

Answer: A,D 

Q88. Various users report that while accessing the Citrix NetScaler Gateway virtual server they get an error message that the public SSL certificate is NOT trusted. 

Which three steps should a Citrix Administrator take on the NetScaler to resolve this issue? (Choose three.) 

A. Import the root certificate. 

B. Import the intermediate certificate. 

C. Download the root certificate from the vendor. 

D. Link the root certificate to the intermediate certificate. 

E. Download the intermediate certificate from the vendor. 

F. Link the intermediate certificate to the existing server certificate. 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q89. An administrator is setting up two-factor authentication, using Active Directory and RSA SecurID. 

Which actions could the administrator take to protect the environment from a brute force attack? 

A. Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 100. Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 110. 

B. Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 110. Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 100. 

C. Bind Active Directory as Secondary authentication priority 100. Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 100. 

D. Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 100. Bind RSA SecurID as Secondary authentication priority 100. 


Q90. What should a Citrix Administrator configure in a session profile so that users are able to use WorxWeb on their mobile devices? 


B. ICA Proxy 

C. Secure Browse 

D. Clientless Access