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Q91. Scenario: An administrator has configured three Web Interface sites. The sites are configured to fail over to another site if a site failure occurs. After a failure occurs, the failing site is NOT available for connections for one hour. The administrator wants to lessen the amount of time that the failing site is unavailable. 

What can an administrator do to lessen the amount of time the site is unavailable? 

A. Adjust the 'socket timeout' setting 

B. Adjust the 'bypass any failed server' setting 

C. Configure the 'disconnected session timer' setting 

D. Configure Health Monitoring and Recovery to restart the server upon failure 


Q92. Which two IP addresses are required for a new NetScaler Gateway installation when using the First-Time Setup Wizard? (Choose two.) 

A. Client IP (CIP) 

B. Virtual IP (VIP) 

C. Subnet IP (SNIP) 

D. NetScaler IP (NSIP) 

Answer: A,B 

Q93. Scenario: An administrator is implementing a two-factor authentication solution with an RSA SecureID product. The administrator already has the server name and port number of the RSA server. 

Which additional information does the administrator need to configure RSA SecureID? 

A. LDAP password 

B. Firewall access rule 

C. Authentication policy 

D. RADIUS shared secret 


Q94. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a production website to show a custom message when the virtual server is in a down state. 

Which NetScaler function or feature should the administrator use in order to meet this requirement? 

A. Rewrite 

B. Redirect URL 

C. Content Switching 

D. Spillover Backup Action 


Q95. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured Outlook Web Access by means of a Citrix NetScaler AAA virtual server. Users complain that they need to re-authenticate after 30 minutes of inactivity. Users work all day from Outlook Web Access. 

Which configuration change should an administrator make to ensure the session is available the entire workday? 

A. Session time-out in 480 (minutes). 

B. Enable Persistent Cookie Validity in 480 (minutes). 

C. Set Client Idle Time-out to 10800 (seconds) on the Outlook Web Access virtual server. 

D. Set Client Idle Time-out to 10800 (seconds) on the Outlook Web Access Service (group). 


Q96. Which command should a Citrix Administrator run at the command-line interface to display the NetScaler certificate days to expiration? 

A. show certFile 

B. show ssl stats 

C. show ssl certKey 

D. show certParams 


Q97. A Citrix Administrator needs to set up two-factor authentication on NetScaler Gateway for mobile devices. 

Which two actions should the administrator take to allow users to log on using mobile devices? (Choose two.) 

A. Create a pre-authentication policy 

B. Create a RADIUS authentication policy 

C. Bind the LDAP policy for primary authentication 

D. Bind the RADIUS policy for primary authentication 

E. Bind the RADIUS policy for secondary authentication 

Answer: B,D 

Q98. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring RADIUS as a two-factor authentication solution on the NetScaler. While testing the configuration the administrator observes that there are no incoming RADIUS requests. 

To resolve this issue, the administrator should change the setting of the "RADIUS client IP address" to the __________ address. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) 

A. Virtual IP (VIP) 

B. Client IP (CIP) 

C. NetScaler IP (NSIP) 

D. Global Server Load Balancing IP (GSLB IP) 


Q99. Scenario: Management has requested monthly detailed performance reports for an online Web application. Management has also requested real-time monitoring of the environment with the possibility of exporting historical reports. 

Which type of reporting or monitoring tool should an administrator use to meet the requirements of this scenario? 


B. Syslog 

C. Citrix Command Center 

D. NetScaler Insight Center 


Q100. A Citrix Administrator is configuring the NetScaler Gateway to allow access to XenApp and XenDesktop sessions. 

Which two ports should the administrator open on the firewall for ICA traffic to flow from the NetScaler Gateway to all Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop sessions? (Choose two.) 

A. 389 

B. 636 

C. 1494 

D. 1812 

E. 2598 

Answer: C,E