The Renovate Guide To 1Y0-253 preparation labs Dec 2021

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Q101. Which protocol could an administrator apply with rate-based monitor? 






Q102. Scenario: An entire shift of workers arrives at the office at 09:00. All two thousand users turn on their thin client terminals and launch the line of business application within a ten minute timeframe. The resultant traffic is so intense that it takes 15-20 minutes until everybody is able to start working. 

How can the administrator prevent this issue from affecting the user experience? 

A. Implement a NetScaler load balancer to distribute the XML traffic. 

B. Configure a Pre-launch application to be started for users before they arrive. 

C. Upgrade the XenApp farm database server to a cluster with real time replication. 

D. Configure additional zone data collectors to manage the numerous concurrrent logins. 


Q103. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured access to a StoreFront store through the NetScaler Gateway: 


When users attempt to access resources using the URL of the gateway, a 404 error is displayed. 

What could be causing the error? 

A. The URL is case-sensitive. 

B. The session policy is missing. 

C. The website needs to use HTTPS protocol. 

D. The IP address is needed instead of FQDN in the URL. 


135. Which three steps should a Citrix Administrator take to customize the NetScaler Gateway logon page? (Choose three.) 

A. Select Custom within UI Theme. 

B. Create customization changes under /nsconfig. 

C. Create a tar package of the customization files. 

D. Add a copy command to rc.netscaler file within /nsconfig. 

E. Create customization changes under /var/ns_gui_custom/ns_gui/vpn. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q104. A Citrix Administrator is upgrading NetScaler 10.1 appliances in a high availability (HA) pair to NetScaler 10.5. 

What is the first step to launch the upgrade according to Citrix best practice? 

A. Use the NetScaler Configuration Utility on the primary appliance to force HA failover. 

B. Execute the installns command on the primary appliance. 

C. Use the NetScaler Configuration Utility on the secondary appliance to force HA failover. 

D. Execute the installns command on the secondary appliance. 


Q105. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure NetScaler Gateway to communicate with the StoreFront providing resources hosted on XenApp and XenDesktop. 

Which IP address does the NetScaler use to route user connections to the StoreFront? 

A. Subnet IP (SNIP) 

B. NetScaler IP (NSIP) 

C. User Source IP (USIP) 

D. Client IP (CIP) 


80. Scenario: After a restart of a single NetScaler, users complain that the logon page has changed. An administrator plans to verify that a startup script exists and contains the necessary command. 

Where can the administrator find the startup script? 

A. /etc 

B. /dev 

C. /nsconfig 

D. /netscaler 


Q106. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is in the process of implementing StoreFront with NetScaler Gateway. Users in the environment will access resources through Citrix Receiver only. 

What does the administrator need to configure on the NetScaler Gateway to enable access through Citrix Receiver only? 

A. ICA Proxy 

B. A Traffic Policy 

C. Endpoint Scans 

D. An AppFlow Policy 


Q107. Which IP address does NetScaler use for Active Directory authentication? 

A. Virtual IP (VIP) 

B. Client IP (CIP) 

C. NetScaler IP (NSIP) 

D. Subnet IP (SNIP) 


Q108. An administrator needs to implement a solution to provide users with remote access to applications from tablet devices using Citrix Receiver. 

Which component is required to fulfill these requirements? 

A. Citrix Web Interface 

B. Citrix Single Sign-on 

C. Citrix Provisioning Services 

D. Citrix Merchandising Server