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Q11. Scenario: An administrator has an existing SSL certificate that is installed and used on a Microsoft Windows IIS server. The administrator exported the certificate, including the private key, to a PFX file and now wants to use that certificate for SSL Offloading on NetScaler. 

Which two methods could the administrator use to import the certificate on NetScaler? (Choose two.) 

A. Import PKCS#12. 

B. Change advanced SSL settings. 

C. Use the Server Certificate Wizard. 

D. Convert the certificate to PEM format. 

Answer: A,D 

Q12. Scenario: An administrator is planning to implement NetScaler Gateway. 

The administrator must ensure that users are able to change their passwords when the passwords have expired. 

To meet the needs of the scenario, the administrator must ensure that 

__________ is included in the plan. 

A. LDAP authentication 

B. RADIUS authentication 

C. nested groups (enabled) 

D. the nsroot username added to Active Directory 


Q13. Scenario: After an infrastructure service review, an administrator needs to improve the availability of core Web applications for customers. The administrator needs to place two recently purchased NetScalers in two different datacenters on two different subnets. 

Which two options could the administrator configure for the two NetScaler devices? (Choose two.) 



C. Cluster 

D. Virtual MAC address 

E. High availability INC pair 

Answer: A,E 

Q14. Scenario: An administrator manages a single NetScaler appliance. A Network IT Administrator has prohibited access to VLAN1 and is requesting that the NetScaler Administrator change the management IP address of the appliance. 

Which IP address should the NetScaler Administrator change? 






Q15. An administrator plans to configure single sign-on with smart card on NetScaler. 

What should the administrator configure to use smart cards in the environment? 

A. Smart Card middleware 

B. Delegation on Active Directory 

C. Secure LDAP on the Domain Controller 

D. Web Interface on the Domain Controller 


Q16. Scenario: Multiple virtual servers are configured in a NetScaler Gateway implementation. 

Corporate policy requires that an administrator restrict the number of users who can log on through each virtual server. 

What could the administrator specify to meet the needs of this scenario? 

A. Max Users in a session policy 

B. Max Users on the virtual server 

C. Max Connections on the virtual server 

D. Allowed users to logon in the Access Gateway Global Settings 


Q17. Which two tasks must a Citrix Administrator complete to enable Client Certificate Authentication on the NetScaler Gateway? (Choose two.) 

A. Create a pre-authentication policy. 

B. Create an LDAP authentication policy. 

C. Import the root certificate onto the NetScaler Gateway. 

D. Import all client certificates onto the NetScaler Gateway. 

E. Enable the Client Authentication option on the virtual server. 

Answer: C,E 

Q18. Which two components must a Citrix Administrator configure before GSLB can be configured? (Choose two.) 

A. An authoritative DNS 

B. A link load balancing method 

C. A high availability secondary node 

D. A NetScaler Gateway virtual server 

Answer: A,D 

Q19. An administrator needs to prevent a single point of failure for the Secure Ticket Authority servers configured on NetScaler Gateway. 

Which method could the administrator use to accomplish this? 

A. Create a DNS round robin for the Secure Ticket Authority servers. 

B. Add Secure Ticket Authority servers individually to the virtual server. 

C. Create a virtual server to load balance the Secure Ticket Authority servers. 

D. Configure Windows Network Load Balancing for the Secure Ticket Authority servers. 


Q20. Which tool can be used by a Citrix Administrator, when using the NetScaler Configuration Utility, to collect troubleshooting information to provide to Citrix Technical Support? 

A. Get Back Trace 

B. Download core files 

C. Download trace files 

D. Generate support file