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Q1. Scenario: While troubleshooting a license issue on NetScaler, a Citrix Administrator notes the following entry as the root cause: 

"1:47:12 (CITRIX) SERVER line says HOSTNAME=cag, hostid is HOSTNAME=ns" 

In which file would the administrator modify the hostname to resolve this issue? 

A. rc.conf 

B. ns.conf 

C. auth.log 

D. aaad.debug 


Q2. Which port exchanges high availability heartbeats? 

A. TCP 80 

B. TCP 443 

C. TCP 3003 

D. UDP 3003 


Q3. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to install a new certificate on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server. The administrator was provided a new PFX certificate and has imported the PKCS12 file to the NetScaler. 

What should the administrator do to complete the installation of the certificate? 

A. Create the RSA key and bind to the virtual server. 

B. Install the Cert-Key Pair and bind to the virtual server. 

C. Split the PEM file, install Cert-Key Pair and bind to the virtual server. 

D. Create the CSR and install the Cert-Key Pair, and bind to the virtual server. 


Q4. After restarting one node on a two-node NetScaler cluster, an administrator notices that the node that was restarted no longer accepts traffic. 

Which action could the administrator take to resolve this issue? 

A. Run the nsconmsg -g feature -d stats from the shell. 

B. Run the sync cluster files command from the command-line interface. 

C. Replace the cluster license file and restart the NetScaler software only. 

D. Restart the NetScaler software and operating system for the failing node. 


Q5. A security policy at a company requires all URLs to be encrypted when accessing the backend server through NetScaler Gateway. 

Which step should a Citrix Administrator take to meet this company policy? 

A. Enable SSL Offload. 

B. Configure SSL Bridge. 

C. Enable Cipher Redirect. 

D. Configure Clientless Access URL Encoding. 


Q6. A Citrix Administrator has created a session policy that needs to be applied to a subset of users. 

To what should the administrator bind the session policy to accomplish this task? 

A. Group 

B. Server 

C. Service 

D. Virtual server 


Q7. Scenario: There are two physical servers listening on port 8080. A Citrix Administrator added a third physical server to listen on port 80. The administrator is adding the third server to the existing load balancing configuration. 

Which object does the administrator need to modify to allow traffic on port 80? 

A. Server 

B. Service 

C. Virtual server 

D. Service group 


Q8. Which monitor should a Citrix Administrator configure to monitor a StoreFront server group with SSL enabled? 



C. STOREFRONT with “Secure” checked 

D. CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE with “Secure” checked 


Q9. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator would like to delegate administration of the Citrix NetScaler to a Microsoft Active Directory group called "Citrix-NetScaler-Admins". The group already exists in Active Directory. The Citrix-NetScaler-Admins group must have full-control permission on the Citrix NetScaler to perform their tasks. The administrator has successfully configured an LDAP authentication server and authentication policy. The authentication policy is already globally bound. 

How should the administrator proceed on the Citrix NetScaler? 

A. Create an AAA User called Citrix-NetScaler-Admins and select "External Authentication". 

B. Create a group called Citrix-NetScaler-Admins. Make the group a member of the operator command policy. 

C. Create a group called Citrix-NetScaler-Admins. Make the group a member of the superuser command policy. 

D. Create an AAA group called Citrix-NetScaler-Admins. Create an ALLOW authorization policy and bind it to the Citrix-NetScaler-Admins AAA Group. 


Q10. Scenario: A company requires two-factor authentication using RSA tokens and Active Directory. The Citrix Administrator configured the following two authentication policies with these parameters: 

. The policy named RSA_policy is used for RSA token authentication 

. The policy named AD_policy is used for Active Directory authentication 

What should the administrator do to protect the NetScaler Gateway virtual server from an attack against Active Directory? 

A. Bind the RSA_policy in Primary Authentication Policies and bind the AD_policy in Secondary Authentication Policies. 

B. Bind the AD_policy in Primary Authentication Policies and bind the RSA_policy in Secondary Authentication Policies. 

C. Bind the AD_policy and the RSA_policy in Primary Authentication Policies and set the RSA_policy priority higher than the AD_policy. 

D. Bind the AD_policy and the RSA_policy in Primary Authentication Policies and set the AD_policy priority higher than the RSA_policy.