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Q51. CORRECT TEXT Scenario: A Citrix Engineer at CCH needs to provide owners of a specific application with delegated administrative rights to perform specific tasks on their application and the servers hosting their application. The application owners need permissions to do the following: . Add and remove the application from a Delivery Group . Create and delete applications . Edit application properties . Add and remove the application from Maintenance Mode . Perform power operations on Windows Server machines Permissions should be specifically granted to the CCH\MedAppAdmins group and assigned to a custom scope. Tasks: 

1. Create a custom role named MedAppAdmins. 

2. Assign only the required permissions to the newly created role. 

3. Create a custom scope named MedAppScope for the application owners' delivery group. 

4. Assign this role to the CCH\MedAppAdmins group. 

5. Assign this group to the newly created scope: MedAppScope. 

Answer: Pending.

Q52. Which two ports should be used for communication between the Virtual Delivery Agent and the Delivery Controllers? (Choose two.) 

A. 80 

B. 443 

C. 636 

D. 1494 

E. 2598 

Answer: A, B 

Q53. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a device collection for new target devices in the Provisioning Services Console, as part of a pooled-random deployment. However, the XenDesktop Administrator is NOT ready for the machine catalog to be added to the XenDesktop site yet. Which wizard should the engineer use to create the device collection and allow the machine catalog to be added later? 

A. Auto-Add Wizard 

B. XenDesktop Setup Wizard 

C.  Streamed VM Setup Wizard 

D. Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard 


Q54. What would a Citrix Engineer need to configure in order to minimize the performance impact to a XenServer resource pool while provisioning virtual desktops? 

A. Reduce bandwidth throttling in an HDX policy. 

B.  Create a dedicated Machine Catalog Administrator. 

C. Modify the host connection settings in Citrix Studio. 

D. Edit service account role permissions in XenCenter. 


Q55. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer added a second Provisioning Services server to an existing Provisioning Services site for high availability. The engineer copied the virtual hard drive (VHD) files to the store on the new Provisioning Services server. After doing that, the second server stopped showing the disk as 'available' under replication status. Why is vDisk replication status failing for the new server? 

A.  The .pvp file has NOT been copied 

B. The vDisk is still in Standard mode. 

C. The manifest file has NOT been created. 

D. The disk has to be replicated through DFSR. 


Q56. Where should a Citrix Engineer import a self-signed hypervisor host certificate in order to use a host connection URL in a XenDesktop/vSphere deployment? 

A. Personal 

B. Trusted People 

C.  Enterprise Trust 

D. Trusted Root Certificate Authorities 



Scenario: A Citrix Engineer must provide users at CCH headquarters with Windows 8 virtual desktops. These users will access hosted applications through Receiver. 

Personalization of the Windows 8 virtual desktops is required. 

Note: The registry settings on the master image and the Virtual Delivery Agent have already been configured to allow the simultaneous use of profile management and Personal vDisk. 


1. Create the appropriate machine catalog and name it XD_PVDISK1. 

2. Create 10 virtual desktops for users at CCH headquarters. 

3. Ensure each virtual desktop is assigned 2 Virtual CPUs. 

4. Set the memory size for the virtual desktops to 8 GB. 

5. Use the Network 0 network interface card (NIC). 

6. Create Active Directory computer accounts for the virtual desktops in the CCH Virtual Desktops organizational unit(OU). 

7. Use the following account naming scheme for the virtual desktops: HQDesktop001 – HQDesktop010. 

8. Create the virtual desktops from the WDK_8_3 master image. 

9. Create the appropriate Delivery Group named  CCH_HQ_Desktops, and  configure  it according to the requirements above. Users at CCH headquarters are members of the HQ 

Desktops user group. 

Answer: Pending. 

Q58. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to set up printers for users in a newly installed XenDesktop environment with default parameters. Users in the environment will access hosted resources for PCs. These users will have printing access to two printers: Printer A and Printer B. Printer A is their default printer. Which printer(s) will be available to the users in an ICA session? 

A. Neither 

B. Printer A 

C. Printer B 

D. Both printers 


Q59. A Citrix Engineer needs to restart theafter enabling offline database support in the Provisioning Services Console. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) 

A.  SQL Service 

B.  target devices 

C.  DHCP Service 

D. Stream Service 


Q60. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure load balancing for two StoreFront servers. Traffic must be encrypted between client machines and the StoreFront servers and the health of the stores must be monitored. The StoreFront servers are already configured properly using the default ports for encrypted traffic. Which two steps does the engineer need to take before creating the load-balancing virtual server to use traffic encryption between client machines and the StoreFront servers? (Choose two.) 

A.  Create an SSL service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 443. 

B. Create an SSL_TCP service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 


C. Create and configure a new monitor with type=STOREFRONT and select the Secure checkbox. 

D. Create an SSL_DIAMETER service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 443. 

E. Create and configure a new monitor with type=STOREFRONT and select the IP Tunnel checkbox. 

F. Create and configure a new monitor with type=CITRIX-AG and select the LRTM (Least Response Time using Monitoring) checkbox. 

Answer: A, C