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Q1. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide virtual desktop access to branch office users by deploying NetScaler to an existing Citrix StoreFront environment. Active Directory, along with RSA tokens, will be used for authentication on the NetScaler. 

Which two authentication servers should the engineer configure on the NetScaler? (Choose two.) 

A. Local 




Answer: A, D 

Q2. Which switch is required to install Citrix Receiver with pass-through authentication? 

A. includeSSON 

B. enable_SSON 

C. enable_Kerberos 



Q3. Scenario: After configuring high availability for StoreFront servers on the same VLAN, users report intermittent issues accessing Receiver for Web. The NetScaler monitors show both StoreFront servers in an UP state. What could be causing the issue? 

A. The Citrix XML monitor is misconfigured. 

B. NetScaler is using a ping monitor to check the status of the StoreFront servers. 

C. The StoreFront servers are configured for SSL, but NetScaler is using HTTP monitor. 

D. Routing issues are preventing NetScaler from reaching one of the StoreFront servers. 


Q4. What does a Citrix Engineer need to do to encrypt all communications to and from virtual desktops? 

A.  Secure XML traffic. 

B. Enable SecureICA. 

C.  Implement StoreFront HTTPS. 

D. Configure Secure Ticket Authority (STA). 


Q5. Which two options are required to create a Windows 7 virtual machine using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard in the Provisioning Services Console? (Choose two.) 

A. A vDisk in Private mode 

B. Virtual machine template 

C.  Windows 7 master image 

D.  An existing machine catalog 

E. XenDesktop Controller address 

Answer: B, E 

Q6. A Citrix Engineer must ensure that evaluation licenses are replaced with XenDesktop Enterprise licenses already imported to the Citrix License Server. Which step must the engineer take to ensure that XenDesktop can be fully licensed? 

A.  Restart the License Server. 

B. Update the license policy in Citrix Studio. 

C. Change the product version in Citrix Studio. 

D. Change the product version on the License Server. 


Q7. Which Virtual Disk Storage type should a Citrix Engineer configure for shared storage with XenServer when using a Fibre Channel SAN? 


B. Software iSCSI 

C.  Hardware HBA 

D. Windows File Sharing (CIFS) 


Q8. Which statement accurately describes the purpose of StoreFront beacons? 

A. Determine which servers are up in a highly available StoreFront server group. 

B. Sent to XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controllers to determine which resources a user has access to. 

C. Allow StoreFront to automatically update receiver clients when a beacon from an old receiver client is received. 

D. Determine whether a user is connected to a local network or connecting from the Internet so that the appropriate connection details can be passed to Citrix Receiver. 


Q9. Which step can a Citrix Engineer take to reduce logon times when using Citrix Profile Management? 

A. Use offline files 

B. Use Personal vDisk 

C. Disable profile streaming 

D.  Implement folder redirection 


Q10. Which mode should a database be configured for when using a SQL mirrored solution with Provisioning Services? 

A.  High-performance mode (Synchronous) 

B.  High-performance mode (Asynchronous) 

C. High-safety mode with a witness (Synchronous) 

D. High-safety mode with a witness (Asynchronous)