Top Citrix 1Y0-301 Q&A Choices

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Q21. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is using the XenApp Services Support URL to enable support for legacy clients. The services URL is configured with explicit authentication. The engineer needs to configure StoreFront to support pass-through for a new group of legacy clients. How could the engineer configure pass-through authentication for the new group of legacy clients while maintaining explicit authentication for existing legacy clients? 

A. Add the pass-through authentication method in the site configuration file. 

B.  Change the services support site authentication method to pass-through. 

C. Create a new store and set pass-through authentication as the 'LogonMethod' on the services URL. 

D. Add the pass-through authentication method to the legacy services URL using the StoreFront console. 


Q22. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer set Desktop Composition Redirection to 'Enabled' in a policy within Citrix Studio and filtered the policy by virtual desktops. Desktop Composition Redirection is set to 'Disabled' in a group policy object (GPO) applied to the organizational unit (OU) containing all virtual desktops. What will be the resultant effect of these two policies on the virtual desktops they are applied to? 

A.  The two policies will cancel each other out, leaving the desktops with the default settings. 

B. The policy assigned to the OU will take precedence and Desktop Composition Redirection will be disabled. 

C. The Unfiltered policy will take precedence over the conflicting policies, leaving the desktops with the default settings. 

D. The policy assigned in Citrix Studio will apply as it takes precedence over OU policies and Desktop Composition Redirection is enabled. 


Q23. CORRECT TEXT Scenario: Provisioning Services has been installed to facilitate the deployment of Windows 8 desktops and web servers. A Citrix Engineer is instructed to provision web servers using the Web_Server vDisk. The engineer needs to create a target device and add the device to Active Directory. The following pieces of information have been provided: . Server name: CCHWebServer . IP address: 

. MAC address: fa:49:fd:63:7b:be The machine account password for the new server in Active Directory needs to be changed every seven days. As the Citrix Engineer, use the existing site, store, and device collection to implement the tasks below. Tasks: 

1. Create a target device named CCHWebServer. 

2. Assign the Web_Server vDisk to the newly created target device. 

3. Enable AD account password management on the vDisk. 

4. Enable automatic password support in the properties of the current server. 

5. Create a machine account in AD for the target device and place the machine account in the Web Server OU. 

Answer: Pending.

Q24. Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer take to ensure that StoreFront traffic is encrypted? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable SecureICA for the virtual desktops. 

B. Modify the website bindings to use HTTPS. 

C. Configure NetScaler Gateway for ICA proxy. 

D. Import a certificate in the IIS Management console. 

Answer: B, D 

Q25. Which file should a Citrix Engineer update when adding an additional Provisioning Services server to a network boot-enabled environment? 

A. TFTP64.ini 

B. PVSBP32.ini 

C. ARDBP32.bin 

D. VLDRMI13.bin 


Q26. Which two pieces of information are required when using Citrix Studio to connect a Delivery Controller to a hosting infrastructure? (Choose two.) 

A.  Hypervisor address 

B. Hypervisor credentials 

C.  Hypervisor management VLAN 

D. Hypervisor high-availability server address 

Answer: C, D 


Scenario: Provisioning Services has been installed to facilitate the deployment of server OS 

and desktop OS machines. Currently, a pool of Windows 8 desktop OS machines is being 

used by  the  Imaging  and  Radiology  team.  A virtual  machine  OU named  CCH Virtual 

Desktops has been created. However, users on the Imaging and Radiology team need to use 

their medical imaging applications that CANNOT be installed on their workstations due to 

insufficient resources. 

As the Citrix Engineer, you have been asked to provision desktop OS machines with sufficient 

resources to three Imaging and Radiology team members in order to allow them to use their 

new applications. All three of the desktop OS machines should be assigned the Win8 vDisk, 

and the desktop OS machines should maintain changes after reboot. Members of the Imaging 

and Radiology team need to be able to log into the domain. 

The Windows 8 virtual machines were already created with the following information: 

. CCHWin801 - IR Desktop 1 CCHWin802 - IR Desktop 2 

. IP Address: DHCP Assigned 

. MAC Address: 56:5b:b0:38:6a:54 

. NOT a member of Active Directory CCHWin803 - IR Desktop 3 

. IP Address: DHCP Assigned 

. MAC Address: be:c8:96:6e:89:c9 

. NOT a member of Active Directory 

In order to save time, a copy of an existing Window 8 base image vDisk was created and 

named Win8 and is stored in the PVS StoreOI store. 

As the Citrix Engineer, use the existing site, store, and device collection to implement the 

tasks below. 


1. Create and configure all 3 of the Windows 8 desktop OS machines as target devices to boot using the Win8 vDisk. 

2. Name the target devices CCHWin801, CCHWin802, and CCHWin803. 

3. Modify the vDisk as necessary to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario. 

Answer: Pending. 

Q28. Scenario: Citrix Profile Management is deployed in a XenDesktop environment. A Citrix Engineer set up group policies and configured the .INI file on Desktop OS machines for Citrix Profile Management. What will take precedence if there is a conflict?" 

A.  Local Policy 

B.  Group Policy 

C. UPMPolicyDefaults_All.ini 

D. XenDesktop Policy set in Citrix Studio 


Q29. Where could a Citrix Engineer check which virtual channels are active in a user session? 

A. Citrix Studio 

B. Citrix Director 

C. Resource Monitor 

D. NetScaler Insight Center 


Q30. Scenario: Users of a corporate StoreFront deployment subscribe to their commonly used applications. A Citrix Engineer creates a second StoreFront deployment group; however when users connect to this deployment their subscribed application preferences are NOT retained. How could the engineer ensure that the subscriptions are visible in the second deployment? 

A. Configure subscription synchronization using PowerShell. 

B. Edit the web.config file and include the other StoreFront deployment. 

C. Ensure that the second StoreFront server group is in the trusted site zone. 

D. Use a script to copy the c:\inetpub folders between all the StoreFront servers.