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Scenario: A XenApp Administrator implemented the pre-launch feature for a corporate email application. As the administrator monitors users' sessions in the AppCenter, the administrator notices that no pre-launch sessions are being created. Application launch time continues to remain high.
What are two reasons why pre-launch sessions are NOT being created? (Choose two.)

  • A. One of the Citrix XenApp servers is reporting a full load.
  • B. Endpoint devices are NOT using the latest Citrix Receiver version.
  • C. The administrator did NOT create a pre-launch published application.
  • D. XenApp Enterprise Edition licenses are being used in the environmen

Answer: BC

Which two functions must be performed by a Provisioning Services server for all implementations? (Choose two.)

  • A. DHCP
  • B. PXE
  • C. TFTP
  • D. Login
  • E. Streaming

Answer: AC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a Provisioning Services environment. The day after a new vDisk version is rolled out to production, multiple users report issues with one of the core applications hosted on the vDisk image. The administrator wants to roll back the new change and allow the target devices to stream from a functioning vDisk as soon as possible.
How can the engineer accomplish this in the least amount of time?

  • A. Perform a vDisk merge to consolidated differencing disk, then restart the target devices.
  • B. Copy an older version of the vDisk from the backup storage location, then reassign all the target devices to the imported vDisk and restart them.
  • C. Revert the vDisk version to Maintenance or Test mode, then restart the target devices.
  • D. Create a new version of the vDisk and reinstall the application, then restart the target device

Answer: C

What should a Citrix Engineer do to ensure that HDX sessions connect using UDP with failback to TCP? A. Change network Adapter setting manually.

  • A. Enable Framehawk policies.
  • B. Enable HDX Adaptive Transport
  • C. Enable Multi-Stream Computer/User settin

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is designing a Provisioning Services environment based on the following environmental factors:
-A large number of target devices are spread over multiple subnets.
-The subnets include non-Provisioning Services machines that rely on starting up over the network -A security mandate prohibits the use of TFTP.
-Provisioning Services 7.6 Update 1 is being used to maintain LTSR compliance. Which Provisioning Services boot method is appropriate for the target devices?

  • A. BDM ISO
  • B. DHCP Options
  • C. BIOS Embedded
  • D. BDM Disk Partition

Answer: C

How can a Citrix Engineer update applications in an AppLayering environment?

  • A. Create a new application layer and install the updated version of the application in it.
  • B. Grant the user administrative rights to update the applications.
  • C. Install applications with automatic updates into the OS layer.
  • D. Enable automatic updates in the App Layer

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer found that a high number of Desktop OS machines are reported as ‘Unregistered’.
The engineer successfully logs in to one of the affected Desktop OS machines as a domain user and finds that all of the affected Desktop OS machines are on the same hosting infrastructure.
Several Desktop OS machines on the same hosting infrastructure registered successfully. However, the users in the environment have NOT reported any issues.
What is causing the Desktop OS machines to be reported as ‘Unregistered’?

  • A. The difference in the system date and time settings on the Desktop OS machines and the Delivery Controller is greater than 5 minutes.
  • B. The computer account of the master image has been deleted from Active Directory.
  • C. The Broker Service is NOT running on the Delivery Controllers.
  • D. The Citrix License Server is NOT communicating over port 27000.

Answer: A

Which three methods can a Citrix Engineer use to add target devices to a device collection? (Choose three.)

  • A. Manually add the target devices.
  • B. Add machines to a machine catalog.
  • C. Import them from a .CSV file.
  • D. Complete the Auto-Add wizard.
  • E. Create the target devices using a master templat

Answer: ACD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a XenApp and XenDesktop environment that has been built with the following site architecture:
-Site A was created in datacenter -Site B was created in datacenter
-A NetScaler Gateway is set up in each datacenter. Each Gateway has access to both Sites. -The StoreFront server group in each Site is configured to enumerate resources from both Sites. -Application A is available in Site A only.
-Optimal Gateway Routing has NOT been configured.
A user located near datacenter B logs in through NetScaler and attempts to launch Application A. Which behavior is expected in this scenario?

  • A. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway.
  • B. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway A; the HDX connection is established using Gateway
  • C. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway B; the HDX is established using Gateway
  • D. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway

Answer: C

Scenario: All users connect from thin clients to a XenApp hosted desktop. Recently, the Order Entry team has been printing all documents in color. A session printers policy has been created and applied to this user group.
How can the XenApp Administrator ensure that these printers default to a setting of monochrome?

  • A. Modify the Printer Properties Retention Policy.
  • B. Change the universal driver preference policy to default to PCL4.
  • C. Modify the existing session printing policy with the required printer settings.
  • D. Adjust the Citrix Universal Printer default settings in the registry of the XenApp server

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has implemented a multi-zone environment with the following characteristics: -One Primary Zone in New York, one Satellite Zone in San Francisco and another in Singapore -Microsoft Excel Application available in all zones
-Singapore zone configured as the App Home for Microsoft Excel -San Francisco configured as the User Home for User1
User1 is currently located in the New York zone, and clicks the icon for Microsoft Excel in Receiver. User1 does NOT have any existing sessions in the environment.
Based on this scenario, a new session will be launched in . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

  • A. Singapore
  • B. San Francisco
  • C. The VDA with the lowest load index
  • D. New York

Answer: D

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator has configured Multi-stream ICA in an environment. A user reports performance issues and the administrator discovers that Multi-stream ICA is NOT active for that user's session.
What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

  • A. Change the color quality to 16-bit.
  • B. Ensure that port 1494 is available.
  • C. Adjust the progressive compression level.
  • D. Upgrade to the latest version of Citrix Receive

Answer: D

What is the default auto-launch behavior for published applications and desktops within a XenApp and XenDesktop environment?

  • A. If a single application is published to the user, it will launch automatically.
  • B. No published applications or desktops launch automatically.
  • C. If a single desktop is published to the user, it will launch automatically.
  • D. All published applications launch automatically.
  • E. All published desktops launch automatically.

Answer: C

Which Citrix technology can a Citrix Engineer use to optimize the CPU or bandwidth consumption of HDX sessions?

  • A. App Layering
  • B. Insight Services
  • C. Provisioning Services
  • D. Workspace Environment Management

Answer: C

Explanation: Provisioning services for HDX sessions allow you to optimize CPU or bandwidth consumption by increasing and decreasing the values.

Which three provisioning Services components can be located on the Provisioning Services server? (Choose three.)

  • A. Store
  • B. Provisioning Services Management console
  • C. DHCP, PXE and TFTP Services
  • D. Device collection
  • E. Target device

Answer: CDE

Scenario: An administrator is deploying a new server to host the latest Citrix Web Interface version. During a test, the administrator has NOT been able to authenticate and access the list of published applications.
Which two actions must the administrator take to debug the Citrix Web Interface? (Choose two.)

  • A. Specify a valid path to generate a log file.
  • B. Edit the web.config file to enable the debug feature.
  • C. Use the Process Monitor tool to monitor the IIS processes.
  • D. Use the Windows Debug tool to generate and analyze a memory dum

Answer: AB

Which three actions are necessary when using the versioning vDisk update process? (Choose three.)

  • A. Perform updates using a single target device.
  • B. Make a full copy of the vDisk.
  • C. Put the vDisk into Private mode.
  • D. Create a maintenance version of the vDisk
  • E. Promote the changes to production.
  • F. Update the properties of the production target devices to use the updated vDis

Answer: CDE

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator configured the audio quality to low in a Citrix Group Policy Object and applied it to all the XenApp servers in the farm. A few weeks later, another administrator from the team created an OU Group Policy Object and set the audio quality to high.
The administrator applied the policy object to the OU that contains all the XenApp servers in the farm. What would be the audio quality for all the XenApp servers using precedence for the resultant policy?

  • A. The audio quality will change every week after the weekly restart phase.
  • B. The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to low quality.
  • C. The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to high quality.
  • D. Some servers will be set to use low quality audio, and the others will be set to use high quality audi

Answer: C

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