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The StoreFront subscription store is located on . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. A SQL Express database designed through the StoreFront we
  • B. config file
  • C. An XML file stored within the Receiver product folder on the user endpoint
  • D. A local file-based database replicated among members of a StoreFront server group
  • E. The XenApp and XenDesktop Site database configured within the environment
  • F. A local file-based database located on a designated StoreFront server within the server group

Answer: E

A Citrix Engineer has enabled Local Host Cache in a XenDesktop Site to manage outage situations.
Which three resources are supported by the Local Host Cache at the time of a database outage? (Choose three.)

  • A. Pooled VDI desktops created by Machine Creation Services (MCS)
  • B. Server-Hosted applications
  • C. Server-Hosted desktop
  • D. Static (assigned) desktops
  • E. Pooled VDI desktops created by Provisioning Services (PVS)

Answer: BCD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is designing a Provisioning Services environment based on the following environmental factors:
-A large number of target devices are spread over multiple subnets.
-The subnets include non-Provisioning Services machines that rely on booting over the network
-A security mandate prohibits the use of TFTP.
-The XenDesktop Setup Wizard is used to create the target devices.
Which Provisioning Services boot method is appropriate for the target devices?

  • A. BDM Disk Partition
  • B. BIOS Embedded
  • C. DHCP Options
  • D. BDM ISO

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a Provisioning Services Farm with the following specifications:
- A single Farm with one Site, with two Provisioning Services servers deployed with 8 vCPU each, which are supporting a total target devices in production.
-The ports and threads have been configured so that each server can stream concurrently to 250 devices each.
-Due to an upcoming merger, 250 more target devices must be supported by the existing Provisioning Services farm.
-The Provisioning Services servers must handle the extra capacity while aligning to Citrix leading practices for resiliency. Which step should the engineer perform to accomplish these requirements?

  • A. Isolate the Provisioning Services screaming traffic.
  • B. Add two additional Provisioning Services servers to the Site.
  • C. Maintain the existing configurations for the environment.
  • D. Add one additional Provisioning Services server to the Sit

Answer: B

Which role should a Citrix Engineer assign to an administrator who needs to change vDisk properties, while also minimizing other permissions assigned to that administrator?

  • A. Device Operator
  • B. Device Administrator
  • C. Site Administrator
  • D. Farm Administrator

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to complete the installation and setup of a new Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure.
As one of the final steps, the engineer needs to point the Administration Console to the existing Citrix Licensing Server. Which step should the engineer take to complete this task

  • A. Select the ‘Home’ tab in the Administration Console ribbon, click ‘Configure License server’ and then enter the Citrix License Server details in the License server name field.
  • B. No steps are necessary as Licensing is configured during the installation and setup process.
  • C. Select the ‘Home’ tab in the Administration Console ribbon, click ‘Advanced Settings’ and then enter the Citrix License Server details in the License server name field.
  • D. Select the ‘About’ tab in the Administration Console ribbon, click ‘Configure License server’, and then enter the Citrix License Server details in the License server name field.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator wishes to add disaster recovery capability to an existing XenApp environment. The administrator built some new servers into a disaster recovery datacenter that has a 1 GB link to the production datacenter. How should the administrator configure the new servers for users?

  • A. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a custom load evaluator.
  • B. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a worker group and load balancing policy.
  • C. Add the servers to a new farm and use the site failover feature of Web Interface to provide access to the servers.
  • D. Add the servers to the existing farm into a new disaster recovery zone and use a preferential load balancing polic

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer needs to give users access to a new application which requires the installation of an additional application in order to function correctly.
Which layer should the engineer use while layering this new application for the users?

  • A. App Layer
  • B. Prerequisite Layer
  • C. Platform Layer
  • D. Elastic Layer

Answer: B

How can a Citrix Engineer add a network printer to Workspace Environment Management (WEM)?

  • A. Use the Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template to specify the network printer location.
  • B. Use the Import Network Print Server option to add the print server name, then connect to the network printer.
  • C. Configure an XML printer list to add the print server, then connect to the network printer.
  • D. Add the printer in the Control Panel portion of the environmental setting

Answer: B

How does Fast Logoff in a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure optimize the logoff experience for users?

  • A. Improves roaming profile synchronization performance on logoff
  • B. Allows processes to continue running in the background while user sessions appear to log off quickly
  • C. Terminates hung application processes within 10 seconds of logging off
  • D. Notifies the Delivery Controllers that pooled desktops are ready for assignment on logoff

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is troubleshooting a database-related issue in a XenDesktop Site. The engineer tested the connectivity between the Delivery Controller and SQL server by doing a ping test and verifying the firewall rules. Now the engineer wants to check the number of registered service instances with the directory.
Which PowerShell command should the engineer execute?

  • A. Get-ConfigServiceInstance
  • B. Test-ConfigServiceInstanceAvailability
  • C. Register-ConfigServiceInstance
  • D. Get-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstance

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer needs to prevent users from rapidly clicking an application icon and launching multiple sessions of the same published application.
Which three methods should the engineer use to configure the multi-launch timeout setting? (Choose three.) A. Group Policy Object- Remote Desktop Session Host settings

  • A. web.config file on StoreFront server
  • B. PowerShell- Citrix snap-in commands
  • C. StoreFront console- Client Interface Settings
  • D. Citrix policy setting

Answer: BCD

What occurs after a Provisioning Services target device downloads or otherwise accesses the bootstrap file?

  • A. Steady-state streaming
  • B. The login process
  • C. IP acquisition
  • D. Single-Read mode

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineering maintains a multi-zone XenDesktop infrastructure with two Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines located in the Primary Zone and two VDAs in the Satellite Zone. Each zone contains a single Delivery Controller.
During an unexpected outage, the Delivery Controller in the Satellite Zone went offline and did NOT resume. What will happen to the two VDAs in the Satellite Zone?

  • A. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will make intermittent attempts to re-register with the Delivery Controller in the Satellite Zone and then attempt to register with the Delivery Controller in the Primary Zone.
  • B. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will go to an unregistered state and NOT attempt to re-register until the local Delivery Controller resumes and is online.
  • C. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will immediately attempt to register with the Delivery Controller in the Primary Zone.
  • D. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will remain in a registered state, even when the Delivery Controller is offlin

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure a baseline Citrix policy for a new user group in the XenApp and XenDesktop environment. The users are connecting from branch offices over a WAN connection.
The NetScaler SD-WANs are supporting each of the WAN connections. The users are connecting to Windows Server 2012 R2 published desktops. The primary objective of the policies is to utilize the WAN link bandwidth as optimally as possible.
Which two Citrix policy templates should the engineer use to accomplish this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. High Server Scalability
  • B. Optimized for CloudBridge
  • C. Optimized for WAN-Legacy OS
  • D. Optimized for WAN
  • E. High Server Scalability-Legacy OS

Answer: AD

Scenario: An administrator has enabled a Citrix policy called HDX Policy that enables extra compression for moving and still images for user connections greater than 400 Kbps.
Branch Repeater VPX is then deployed to all remote offices; however, users report NO appreciable benefits. Which change should be made to HDX Policy?

  • A. Session Reliability should be disabled.
  • B. The Branch Repeater filter should be invoked.
  • C. Overall session bandwidth should be added to the policy.
  • D. The threshold value should be increased by 100-200 Kbp

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to implement Workspace Environment Management (WEM) into an existing XenDesktop infrastructure. The current infrastructure utilizes a large number of Active Directory (AD) object configurations to manage user and group settings.
The engineer first needs to review the current AD infrastructure for any identical configurations and settings that may cause conflicts with WEM.
Which two specific pre-existing objects should the engineer review? (Choose two.)

  • A. AD Logon Scripts
  • B. AD Domain Trusts
  • C. AD Group Policy Settings
  • D. AD Sites and Services

Answer: BC

Which vDisk change will always require the use of reverse imaging?

  • A. Installing a new service pack on a Windows-based vDisk.
  • B. Upgrading the Provisioning services target device software installed on the vDisk.
  • C. Updating the NIC drivers on the vDisk.
  • D. Making permanent registry changes to the vDis

Answer: C

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