Shortcuts To 1Y0-351(1 to 10)

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Q1. A company has an external-facing web application that requires end-to-end encryption and Layer-7 functionality. Which protocol type would an engineer choose for the virtual server and service? 





Q2. Which command would an engineer run to deny access to destination port 103 from a host with an IP address of 

A. add ns acl rule1 DENY -srcIP -srcPort 103 -TTL 600 

B. add ns acl rule1 DENY -srcIP -srcPort 103 -protocol TCP 

C. add ns acl rule1 DENY -srcport 103 -destIP -protocol TCP 

D. add ns simpleacl rule1 DENY -srcIP -destport 103 -protocol TCP 


Q3. When binding a certificate to a virtual server, which two certificate formats are supported by NetScaler? (Choose two.) 

A. P7B 




Answer: C, D 

Q4. Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer must implement load-balancing on a web server farm that serves video clips to end users. Video clip files vary in size. The engineer needs to send traffic to the server with the least amount of network utilization. Which load-balancing method should the engineer use? 

A. Least Request 

B. Least Bandwidth 

C. Least Connection 

D. Least Response Time 


Q5. Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer has configured a virtual server as follows: set lb vserver web_vserver -redirectURL -backupVServer maint_vserver The virtual server web_vserver is marked as DOWN; maint_vserver is marked as UP. The following request is sent to the web_vserver: GET /path/query HTTP/1.1 What would happen to this request? 

A. Redirected to 

B. Forwarded to the backup server, ignoring the query 

C. Forwarded to the backup server, preserving the query 

D. Redirected to 


Q6. Multiple Subnet IPs (SNIPs) are defined in the same network. A NetScaler Engineer could specify the SNIP to use to communicate with servers on that network by configuring a 

. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) 

A. net profile 

B. listen policy 

C. traffic domain 

D. policy-based route 


Q7. On a load-balancing virtual server with multiple bound services, Redirect URL will be invoked when . (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) 

A. a backup virtual server has been configured 

B. Health Based Spillover has been configured 

C. one of the bound services is marked as DOWN 

D. the load-balancing virtual server is marked as DOWN 


Q8. Server Name Indication (SNI) is required when . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) 

A. TLS 1.1/1.2 is enabled exclusively 

B. a SAN extension certificate is used 

C. multiple certificates are used on multiple domains on the same VServer 

D. configuring a content switching SSL VServer with a single domain certificate 


Q9. Which outcome does the minify JavaScript option of the Front End Optimization (FEO) feature provide? 

A. It will replace characters with shorter names. 

B. It will change all uppercase letters to lowercase. 

C. It will remove all comments from the JavaScript. 

D. It will compress JavaScript with the GZIP algorithm. 


Q10. Which statement is true about interface link-state on the NetScaler? 

A. Interface link-state is controlled by ifconfig in BSD. 

B. Interface link-state is dependent on the HAMON setting. 

C. Interface link-state CANNOT be brought down from the NetScaler. 

D. Interface link-state on both appliances is unaffected by the force failover command.