The Renewal Guide To 1Y0-351 prep Feb 2021

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Q101. A NetScaler implementation is experiencing intermittent network issues, specifically regarding  traffic to a back-end service associated with IP address Which command should a network engineer execute to generate diagnostic information to investigate this issue? 

A. traceroute 

B. show run | grep 

C. host 

D. show service -summary 



In my lab The command must be performed from the shell A. SSL protocol is being used for encryption. 

B. The Compression Policy engine is set to default. 

C. "Allow Server side compression" is checked on the NetScaler. 

D. Responses with the Content-Length or Chunked header are being sent from the server. 


Q102. Scenario: The marketing department would like a short URL to use for a product launch that will redirect users to the product information page on the company’s website. The marketing URL they require is It should redirect the user to Which NetScaler command should a NetScaler Engineer run in order to meet the requirements of the scenario? 

A. add responder action MarketingURL redirect


B. add rewrite action MarketingURL4 replace_http_res 


C. add rewrite action MarketingURL1 insert_http_header Location 


D. add transform action MarketingURL2 -priority 100 –reqUrlFrom -reqUrlInto "" 


Q103. Scenario: A network engineer is going to roll out an upgrade from a 9.x version on a standalone NetScaler appliance using the command-line interface. Which two items does the engineer need to download before proceeding with the upgrade? (Choose two.) 

A. SSL Certificates Files 

B. NetScaler Firmware File 

C. NetScaler Configuration file 

D. NetScaler Documentation File 

Answer: B, D 

Q104. Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer connected a new NetScaler MPX appliance to the network. However, some of the interfaces were blocked on the uplink switch. The engineer needs to perform a network packet trace on the NetScaler appliance. For troubleshooting purposes, the engineer needs to separate trace files for each interface. The engineer executed the following command from the NetScaler CLI: start nstrace -perNIC ENABLED However, NetScaler created a single trace file. What should the engineer do to produce separate trace files for each interface? 

A. Specify the nodes parameter. 

B. Use the nsconmsg command. 

C. Specify the tcpdump parameter. 

D. Use the command. 


Q105. What should an engineer configure in an environment where two NetScaler appliances are configured in high availability (HA) mode to prevent both nodes from reporting a state of NOT_UP at the same time? 

A. Fail-Safe Mode 

B. Route Monitors 

C. Command Propagation 

D. Configuration Synchronization 


Q106. Which client header indicates support for the type of compression the NetScaler may use? 

A. Accept 

B. User-Agent 

C. Content-Type 

D. Accept-Encoding