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Exam Code: 1Y0-A20 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration
Certification Provider: Citrix
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Q31. Scenario: An administrator has a server farm with five servers. The administrator wants to limit the number of Microsoft Excel published application sessions that can be run in the server farm. 

Which two steps could the administrator take to meet this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the Load Throttling rule. 

B. Configure the Server User Load rule. 

C. Configure the Application User Load rule. 

D. Assign a load evaluator to the five servers. 

E. Assign a load evaluator to the published application. 

Answer: C,E 

Q32. Scenario: For users at remote offices, network printers are defined on their workstations. A print server is located in each remote office. The WAN link speed to the datacenter varies and the administrator would like to ensure the best possible printing performance for these XenApp users. 

Which step should the administrator take to address this group of users with minimal required effort? 

A. Enable the session printers policy. 

B. Disable the direct connections to print servers policy. 

C. Reconfigure the network printers as local printers on the workstations. 

D. Ensure that the vendor printer driver is installed on all XenApp servers in the farm. 


Q33. Scenario: Management requires that video conferencing is implemented on all of the desktops, including video, sound and a webcam, in the three training rooms on the education floor of the corporate building. Quality is of very high importance. The IT department decided to implement video conferencing using XenApp. 'Multimedia conferencing' and 'Windows Media Redirection' have been enabled and configured for the XenApp servers. The latest Citrix Receiver for Windows is installed on all of the desktops. 

Which three steps should the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario? (Choose three.) 

A. Publish Microsoft Office Premium 2007 in the XenApp farm. 

B. Publish Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 in the XenApp farm. 

C. Install Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 on a XenApp server. 

D. Install one webcam on each desktop and use the manufacturer's drivers. 

E. Install one webcam on each desktop and let Windows find the appropriate driver. 

F. Install Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 on a server that is NOT running XenApp. 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q34. Scenario: Employees at a company can access Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Adobe Reader offline. These employees complain that they CANNOT view PDF files when they receive emails containing attached PDF files. 

Which action can the administrator take to solve this problem? 

A. Publish the two applications with the same settings from the AppCenter. 

B. Precache the two packages on the users' computers instead of streaming them at launch time. 

C. Create a new streaming profile to publish that links the Office 2010 streaming package with the Adobe Reader streaming package. 

D. When profiling, choose 'Advanced Install - Select files and folders' and copy the application executables from the two applications into each application profile. 


Q35. An administrator performs an installation of XenApp without changing any of the default settings. 

When a user connects with a client printer that does NOT have a suitable driver installed, but does have a suitable driver available in the driver store, which action will happen? 

A. The printer will be mapped using a similar provided driver. 

B. The printer will be mapped using the Citrix Universal Driver. 

C. The driver will be installed and mapped using the newly installed driver. 

D. The driver will be installed, and the printer will be mapped using the Citrix Universal Driver. 


Q36. A Citrix XenApp administrator needs to apply a policy to all users regardless of connection type. 

Which type of policy should the administrator create? 

A. Unfiltered User policy 

B. Unfiltered Computer policy 

C. User policy filtered by worker group 

D. Computer policy filtered by worker group 


Q37. Which Citrix service should an administrator monitor when troubleshooting issues with Session Reliability? 




D. MFCom 


Q38. Scenario: An administrator is hired to implement a new XenApp server farm in an existing network. Because of the existing network security practices, the administrator has to separate the Citrix license server from the XenApp server farm with a firewall. 

Which two ports should the administrator ask the network security team to configure on the firewall to allow the XenApp servers to contact the Citrix license server? (Choose two.) 

A. 2512 

B. 2513 

C. 7279 

D. 8082 

E. 27000 

Answer: C,E 

Q39. An administrator has configured session printers for a group of XenApp users, but some are complaining that the advanced printer features are NOT available when they print to a particular printer. 

Which driver(s) can the administrator install to provide access to the advanced printer features? 

A. Citrix Universal Driver on the XenApp servers 

B. Manufacturer's latest drivers on the users' PCs 

C. Manufacturer's latest OEM drivers for that printer on the XenApp servers 

D. Drivers provided in the Windows drivers .CAB database on the XenApp servers 


Q40. Scenario: An administrator is creating a new XenApp farm. The farm will use hosted applications and applications streamed using Microsoft App-V technology. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X computers are in use in the environment. Management requires an automated process to deliver all necessary clients and plug-ins. 

Which two components should the administrator use to automate the process of delivering and updating client plug-ins? (Choose two.) 

A. Microsoft Group Policy 

B. Citrix Receiver Updater 

C. Citrix Merchandising Server 

D. Apple Enterprise Management Software 

E. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 

Answer: B,C